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Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Have the Americans set a precedent with their new president?

I didn't stay up all night. I was listening to the radio but got sick to death of all the debates around exit polls and what might be. I wanted to cut to the chase and as nothing was looking much like anything by 1 o'clock decided sleep was more important to me.

I awoke to the news that Barack Obama is the new president. Now I don't like politics. It is a dirty world but, I reckon, he is the best of a bad lot. I could very well be wrong. I am pleased that America has a black president because it says something to me on a symbolic level. There is hope that prejudice can be broken down and to quite a big extent it has been for him to become president. America has been predominantly right of centre (although it likes to see itself as moderate..ho hum). Not just that but the history of prejudice has prevailed until recently so for me it is quite a big shift for Americans to vote in a black man.

And there is hope. Okay that could be short lived but in a world where everything is in flux and in quite a mess - a bit of hope, for however long it lasts, has to be a good thing. Well, on some level. And yes, false hope can be a negative thing but no hope is a bad place indeed.

Looking at our political history...the comparison..the only one that bears any relevance is Margaret Thatcher as the first female prime minister. Oh dear! One could argue she wasn't an ordinary woman (I could argue she wasn't a woman at all). Most women I have spoken to in this regard view her as setting womens' rights back years (as in for a role model and example of positive female qualities she did no favours). That said I have spoken to women who think she is some kind of wonderful.

Then again should someone's colour, sex, or sexuality be a reason to vote or not vote for them? In itself, no, but there is something kinda ground-breaking when people who traditionally wouldn't accomplish becoming leader of a country do. It shows the mould can be broken and it puts my faith back in people that they can change their views and overcome prejudices.

I was going to write something about disablity being a barrier to getting on and the lack of disabled people in much of any position of power but as a loony, that could be seen as biased.

Will Mr Obama make a good president? Well, you have to look at the whole system rather than an individual and I think the system will prevail but like to think he will do more good than harm. Is a nice thought.


  1. I am happy that the American's are for once setting a positive precedent.

    I would like to be a fly on the wall of the right wing groups over there though and I hope Obama has good security.

    I just hope he is judged as all politicians should be on their merit to do the job and what positives they can bring the people they serve and not just by the fact he is first black president. I have heard people defend Thatcher's disasterous decisions because isn;t it great a woman got to be prime minister.???

    I guess bringing in back to the MH sphere it's like someone coming up to me after a car crash and saying, yes she caused a huge pile up but isn;t it great she is getting out and driving too with her mental problems...

    I guess his worth will be seen in next few years.

  2. Just realised post seems a bit anti-american which I'm not just saying good that precedent is positive one

  3. Me & Hubby & Lisha was discussing the possibilities of us having a Prime Minister who isn't your typical white bloke.Personally I don't think it will be any time soon.In a perfect world it shouldn't matter what colour, sex a leader is, but we don't live in one alas.