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Monday, 17 November 2008

Is it Monday again?

Having taken a whole lorazepam last night, when I was woken by the phone, I hadn't a clue what day it was and my Support Worker, ringing to re-arrange next visit, must have thought I had had a night on the lash. If only!!!!

OOOh! Just had a call from the advocacy service. Have been allocated an advocate who will be helping me with the formal complaint process and attending the local resolution meeting I have requested (with me and on my behalf). Part of their role is to write letters and that may well come in handy for me, as this time of year is difficult and I think I will struggle to sustain a level of compus as this pans out.

Back to the main plot. Have a nasty virus (don't ask me how I know, let us just say I know because have been here before) which is adding another layer of aggro into things and so temptation is to head back to bed and stay there. Only, even for me, that won't do! Not today, I need to get to town before shops and post office close (gives me a few hours to get act together).

Friend rang with many apologies (same old, same as) but is bending over backwards to be nice and say and do the right things. If it wasn't so crap when they blow a fuse, would be quite endearing. So today, well for as long as it lasts, Dr Jekyll is back. I think I might buy them a dickie bow tie and an incredible hulk mask for Christmas!!!! Ha!

Shit, I mentioned the C word. Try as I might, and have, to ignore it and hope it goes away, it won't. So I am doing what I always do and that is stocking up food items (2 or 3) each time I place a shopping order and working my way through a very small present list. Yep, would love to buy fab prezzies for fam and friends but the money isn't there and I think the credit crunch is putting everyone (not just us nare do wells on welfare benefits) in the same boat.

I don't usually handle the C word well. Having lost Mum a few days before the 25th and with Dad so poorly this year, would be better if it was shifted to Summer. I did once have a Summer Chrimbo due to feeling it wasn't right to celebrate around the time of Mum's death. Was quite fun.

Anyway, Dad has agreed to spending the day with me. Hope that means at my place cos I don't really want to cook a full dinner (pud et al) and have to walk that round to his place.

Isn't it awful that even those of us that would rather the C word doesn't happen still have to make the effort. After all it is, for me, about family and I can't stand the thought of Dad being on his own that day. Even if I would rather it were treated like any other day and the perfect day for me would be Disney DVD's and large boxes of chocolates.

And now I have to get my sorry arse in gear. So it is time to make tea and go forth (in a Blackadder stylee). Anyone got a cunning plan?


  1. Hope your day is good Mandy - better than mine at any rate.

  2. Hi Sue

    Sorry you day is not going well for you.

    My day, got better and then troughed. Managed to get to town and bought a few pressies before checking my account and my disablity living allowance hasn't been paid in. Oops! Am not at home so haven't got access to my NI number etc to ring and find out why.

    Is most probably a blip at the DWP. It has happened before so assume they have forgotten to pay me.

    Not stressing too much yet but might be when I ring them and something has gone completely boobs akimbo and i am not going to get paid. Wouldn't surprise me cos Sod's Law seems to have been written with me in mind.

    Dad got to GP and has to go back for blood tests on Wednesday and asked me if I would go with him. Yep, dosed up on lozees, I will oblige.

    Now, with virus raging and energy flagging, am going for a long lie down on the sofa.

    Hope things pick up for you soon (as in very soon indeed)


  3. Hope you recover quickly from the virus.Seems lots of nasties about at the moment.Whether my family & moi escape is another matter.
    Take care & get plenty of rest.
    Love Sis xxx

  4. Hi Sis

    Haven't had any time to catch up on your blog lately. Apologies. Will rectify that over next couple of days (hopefully later tonight if I don't zonk out).

    Tiredness prevails as do demands!


  5. Hi Lareve

    Hope you get to rest up too. Will email when I have done all the stuff I need to do.