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Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Possibly Useful Support Meeting

Went round Dad's for the support meeting with his housing officer (a thoroughly good egg to boot).

As we went through things, it became clear to the housing officer, that the paperwork had no section for people with mental health problems. I wasn't surprised about that but she will be getting the paperwork updated to include that. Alot of the sections on the existing paperwork could only partly be completed due to needing to add in information about Dad's disability and how that impacts on his day to day life.

The really positive thing that has finally started to be addressed is transport issues Dad has when he has to get somewhere. The MH staff are not insured to take him, and, if I am poorly, then I can't get him there. Housing Officer will be looking into ways to get transport in place when it is needed. Hoo fekkin ray!

Have come away from meeting feeling that, if she stands by her word, then certain blockages in regards to Dad's care support needs will be overcome. I am never overly optimistic because many is the time I have been offered services and support for it not to materialize. But meeting went better, by far, than it could have gone.

Can now chill out.


  1. Some positives there Mandy that is good.I really hope they sort things out this time, off shopping now. Take Care, X


  2. Hope you enjoyed your shopping trip and got yourself some nice treats xx

  3. Hope the antibiotics sort stuff out and well done with the whole shopping and bus thing - But Turkish Delight!! eeeewww more of a Crunchie person myself LOL

  4. Hi Pebbles

    Love Crunchies too. I haven't had one for ages. Think will go round local shops tomorrow and get one.