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Sunday, 9 November 2008

Twangy Ear Syndrome

There must be a more scientific name for it but that is the closest I can get to one!

For a couple of days I have experienced this in my left ear. It actually sounds a bit like a plectrum strumming on a guitar string and it is accompanied by a tight feeling. Weird eh?

I do suffer with sinus (EN&T) probbies but usually I get problems in my right ear, which often fills up with fluid and leaves me feeling like I am trying to listen through several layers of cotton wool.

This is so typical me. There should be a psycho-scematic illnesses section of the NHS. I would be down there weekly. Whatever the cause of these continual and ever changing symptoms..they are real enough to me. Like with the migraines. I haven't had one for over a week now. The headaches prevail but they are the lesser of the 2 evils. So now whatever it is that manifests in physical distortion has moved to my left ear.

I really can't be arsed to go the the GP's and not sure that they would be able to give me anything to ease it. Actually, it isn't that bad so much as bloody irritating. Maybe, if I wait long enough will get something like a tune coming from it (Hank Marvin eat your heart out).

I could try a steam with menthol crystals. If you have never tried them, they are quite effective but if you don't use them sparingly they blow your socks off!


  1. Methol crystals definitely lethal if not used in moderation. I to have problems with one of my ear. I get a whirring sound like someone swinging somthing around over there head a catapult or something. I have never been to GP as despite what they seem to think now do not enjoy visiting there so just get on with it, is there any pain there though? if so you should check it out

  2. No pain Lareve

    So am going to leave it alone for a while.

    If it does get painful or bleeds I will go to the GP.

    You get whirring sounds eh? Maybe we could start an experimental music combo here :>)