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Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Rallying on through the virus

Before I talk about the general shenanigans that is my life want to write that the local resolution meeting is close to being agreed.

The advocate didn't get off to a good start because he promised to send me his email address, so he could be kept up to date on any communications between me and NHS organisations, and promptly didn't. So had to ring the advocacy service this morning. He wasn't there but the admin lady passed it to me and I have passed that on to relevant parties.

I have been asked to put forward an agenda for the meeting and it goes like this:

1) NHS procedures and protocols in regards to informing patients of blood test results

2) The unacceptable amount of time I spent chasing after NHS staff in order to get my blood test results and the reasons why this was the case

3) What improvements can be made to ensure this situation does not happen again

I think they are fair agenda items (and more so relevant).

So back to the general stuff: The DWP have seen fit to pay me my disability living allowance today so am out of panic mode on the bank account front.

I got up too late to make a GP appointment for today so will either have to make one later in week (by which time, health probbies will have subsided or will need further attention).

Dad's warden (for his accommodation) rang to ask if I would attend a support plan update meeting between her and him. Yes, was the answer but unless that brings forth more hands on support for Dad can't really see it suiting any purpose except for proof that it has taken place.

I want the services to provide more care for him. The care services either out-right refuse or say they will and then make excuses to pass the care responsiblity back to me. My view is that it mostly boils down to laziness on their part (with lack of adequate resources being made available for anyone to use).

The highlight of my day, thus far, (apart from being paid my DLA) was listening to the 2 cd's I picked up in a second hand shop yesterday. One by Pink and one by Macy Gray. Both really good listening.

Soon will be heading round to see Dad and agree what time we are heading off for his blood tests, tomorrow. Tried hunting out 'A Moment To Myself' by Macy Gray. Which is what I am in much need of but couldn't find it on Youtube. This is my second choice -Love her voice (melloooooooow):

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