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Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Blogging and other Dilemmas

I ripped that title from a book of poems I had published (NB by a small local publishing company) yonks ago. I swapped 'Life' for 'Blogging' which is a sort of ironic twist on how my life actually is. Ha!

Blogging can become a dilemma because although there is an incredible freedom to it, if one chooses to use it, there is also a level of responsiblity (again if one chooses to use that). Now, I am rarely one to let concensus dictate what I write nor do I worry too much what people think of me because I am what I am and I am not going to hide behind a fake persona. However, since the lady at the BBC contacted me I have been in a bit of a quandry. I passed on some details of other blogs to her and made contact with people I had never come into contact with before and that got me to thinking 1) Actually why should I choose people?...everyone who blogs is as valid as anyone else and it is only a matter of either personal taste or, on this occasion, looking to provide some balance that was the reason I put certain blogs forward for viewing 2) Who the fekk am I to be on a radio programme anyway?

As I explained, to the lady, there are so many MH blogs out there (more articulate, witty or interactive than mine) and they all should be given equal exposure. So I felt a heel for doing what I did but I hope that in doing what I did, I was as fair as I could be. I didn't go for soft options for me but tried to be objective. Ho hum!

I have agreed to be interviewed, which will then be recorded and form part of a programme on blogging for the Radio 4 'All In The Mind' series. Scary stuff. Totally out of my comfort zone but,if anything, I want to use this opportunity to promote blogland as another avenue for people with mental illness to express themselves and interact (as much as they wish) within. I really don't need to do this, and as I said before, personally it won't do me any favours. Nor do I want it to. I am not being humble here...I really want more democracy for people with mental illness and maybe this will be a very tiny part of encouraging that. I dunno and I sense that not only will I make a complete pratt of myself (which is nothing new) but will come away all in a pickle because I forgot to say something really important.

The pozzie is that the BBC will organise a taxi for me there and back and a friend can accompany me. I really couldn't get there without support in place.

So now I need to get with another programme. I have a pampering session booked through the carers' group. Last month I had reflexology and was hoping for the same again. However, evil dwarves a go go, have had hives on my feet and therefore reflexology is out of the question (would die of embarrasment). Perhaps a back massage instead.

And even more importantly my daughter and her fella are coming round later and they are staying over. We are having a curry and DVD night. Great stuff.


  1. I have just clocked my own contradiction...hiding behind a fake persona (couldn't be any more fake than Mary Magdalen...Ha! ha!)

    Could go into reasons but those who have followed me from the Lifeboat will know the history of that, which was a very personal blog.

    And those that follow this blog will realise that once you get past Mary you do get to see Mandy :>)

  2. Good Luck with the whole radio thingy maybe you will become a new Messiah LOL!

    Just wanted to say the reason I blogged was because of the anonymity - there were things I blogged about I didn't want to talk to my family/friends about so I chose to post them without identification so that they were aired - as they needed to be - but without the resulting fallout. Some may say this is cowardice, I don't really care, It was useful to me so I blogged.

    Take Care Mandy

    Sue x

  3. Forgot to say there is a programme on BBC2 at 9pm tonight on madness and psychiatry - maybe worth a watch.
    Be interested to hear your take on it Mandy.


  4. Huzzah! for Mandy...

    Go get 'em girl...

    Have listed you as a blog of note on

    Eventually, I'll get around to adding content...

  5. Hi Sue

    Am so glad you are still about these parts. Have missed you (loads and loads).

    Me the new Messiah? Lordy, if that is the case then we are all doomed. Doomed I say!!!!!

    I think being able to have anonymity is a good thing about blogs. All or our situations are different (as in environments we live within). We are all very different people. I think that is a mega bonus but appreciate that me being able to provide more detail about myself is a personal choice.

    Think I will stick with Mary though. I like having her around and please do stick around Sue. Was quite gutted when your blog went and hope that whatever other outlets you have are good ones for you. And if you ever feel like blogging anonymously again, I will be rallying right behind you x

  6. Wow Socrates.

    Thanks for that. I have also noted someone following this blog who has set up a sort of directory of MH blogs. Will double check the addy and put it up here.

    I just hope I don't have some kind of catatonic breakdown either just prior to or during the interview or talk even more cobblers than I usually do.

    If so I can, at least, claim diminished responsibilities on the grounds of being a plank :>)

  7. Have added it to me links as well.

  8. HI Mandy hope all goes well with the Radio 4 programme, sounds exciting & scarey.Can't wait to hear it & of course your voice.I'm sure you'll mention all that you think is relevant & make sure you put your foot down about this.
    Good luck.

    Love Sis

  9. Hi Sis

    I have actually received a bit of a written telling off about agreeing to do the programme.

    Somebody who thinks the BBC is 'monopolising' and will not allow real expression to take place.

    I can see their point, historically, the BBC haven't been at the forefront of allowing people with mental illness to choose how they are portrayed. That pre-set agenda thing (rolling down from Government) that I hate so much. However, this is an opportunity I might completely cock up. But I am going to go along and see how it pans out. If at any time I feel I am being hoodwinked, I will skidaddle.

    But if people don't ever take any opportunities to say it how they say it..then what likelyhood is there of any change at all? Or if there is change then it will be directed change with zilch consent as has been the case previously.

    and actually I am but one person. A 10 minute interview isn't going to do much but I am me and I will be me and that is as good as it will get.

  10. wow! go for it!

    Are your poems still available btw?

  11. Hi Deedee

    Thankfully the poems aren't available.

    At the time they seemed okay..relevant...but on reflection was mostly post teenage anxt (and crap to boot).

    Have written ones I am happier with (as in think are okay) since then but actually haven't written a poem for quite some time.

    I might put one that I feel is relevant up on blog later in the week. Depends how mood goes. I feel disinclined to do anything right now.

    The winter blues have kicked in with added layers of those closest to me going through it (indefinately) and I haven't got the umph to raise a fart let alone do anything remotely useful that can be shared.

    I feel like Eyeore without the endearing side!!!


  12. Hi Senean

    Sorry if I have spelt your name pretty crap with names until I have used them more than 5 or 6 times.

    Ditto on the nerves front. Responded on your page, to let you know that I will be either in headless chicken mode or crawling around the pavement outside the studio or dosing myself up with anti migraine meds and sedatives.