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Wednesday, 24 September 2008

If you are thinking of trying to escape from an acute unit


My friend's brother is, at present, being detained but not at her majesty's pleasure. He is on a 6 month section in a Bedfordshire psychiatric unit.

Seems he had had enough of the place the other night (like you do) and decided to do a runner. He didn't even make it out the door. Was grabbed (and that was the least of his problems) by staff and incurred heavy bruising and a broken rib.

I don't know about you but when it comes to acute units, I prefer care in the community. Even though that can equate to no care at all.


  1. With the phasing out of acute wards I thought these days people were breaking into them?

  2. Hi Mandy

    I am not sure if this comment will work but I wanted to welcome you to your new blog. Are you sitting comfortably as they said in Listen with Mother? Then we can begin...

    Happy happy happy happy talk
    Talk about things your like to....

    Is it true you can't smoke in the pycho wards anymore? That could be a reason for escaping given my failure with the anti smoking hynosis cd!

    Good luck with this new venture and all who venture here.

    Bye for Now

  3. Morning Lareve

    Breaking into acute units! Lordy Lordy.


  4. Hallo Jill

    Glad you managed to find the blog. :>)

    I am not sure if smoking has been completely banned in units. When I was in the crisis unit in June, patients could smoke in the garden (but not visitors).

    Think the ban is imminent though.

    So the CD isn't doing it for you?

    The migraine wafer thingy didn't do it for me either. Woke up with another headache, although I have the added joy of lots of swishing in my ears as well now.

    Perhaps we both need some reverse psychology. The GP could try giving me a tablet that is supposed to cause headaches and you could listen to a pro smoking CD.