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Friday, 26 September 2008

Blue Ribbons for Bloggers

As requested by Debacle, on their blog -, I have put up the Freedom For Bloggers logo on the side of this blog.

I know I had to cut loose from the Lifeboat. Well, I didn't have to..I chose to but still believe in freedom of speech.

Only this time the buck stops with me here. I write what I write and will defend what I write (if I think it warrants that). People can comment (even anonymously) what the hell they like here but any feelings of needing to be in control will have to take place on their own blogs. This is my baby!


  1. Good Idea Mand but shame when you have to go solo to not be victom of others crusades. Nearly a week since the Lifeboat sunk hey!

  2. I know Lareve

    But if you give people enough rope...they will hang you with it!