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Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Another disciple falls by the way side

Mr Paul Mullin, soon to be ex Chief Executive Officer of the Bedfordshire and Luton Partnership Trust.

Perhaps I should have sent the Lifeboat out to him before I sunk it. Ha!

The higher echilons of power are claiming that he is seeking further enlightenment elsewhere.

Did he fall or was he being pushed by that Judas of a Deputy of his? Another one who bears false witness, that one. All shiny smiles and zilch intention to do anything to benefit service users. I met him about 3 years ago...spoke about the appalling results BLPT got in the Service User Survey. What he offered was like the prize conveyor belt on The Generation Game. What we got was fekk all (not even a cuddly toy). Year on year the feedback to BLPT was that they were doing pretty grim..and every year nothing improved.

And now that the Service User Survey actually impacts on the grades they are given by The Healtchcare Commission, I have to wonder what tricks he will have up his sleeve next year to try and flannel a better result. Hows about only sending questionnaires out to the compliant? I am sure 'Impact' (the service user involvement forum funded by MIND) would oblige!!!

So off goes Mr Mullin....a man who appeared to try for a while and over the last year lost the plot completely..particularly when responding to service users and their requests.

I wonder if Judas will get the job now? Bet he is gagging for it!!!


  1. great to see this new blog and i hope everyone who posts will concentrate on ataacking the system and avoid personal remarks. so glad you have retained your wonderful sense of humour under very difficult circumstances.

    sorry you sunk the lifecoat but all the very best for this new venture.

    lots of love margaret

  2. Thanks Margaret

    I felt what was needed was a bit more guidance for those poor lost souls.

    and you know that old adage..."A Messiah in the hand is worth 2 in the bush". Although, I would like to test both theories before I make up my mind.

    If you come across any Messiahs on your travels please let me know.


  3. Many I really think you should write a book of your mixed metaphores (or whatever the heck they are called !!)

    Sis xxx

  4. You know Sis,

    I just might.

    A book of Mandisms. Ha! Ha! xxx

  5. They have (according to the Beds on Sunday) a temporary CEO lined up, who starts tomorrow i believe. Name of Dr Patrick Geoghegan. Currently CEO of South Essex Partnership NHS. Have read about him on their website and it sounds like service users' views are taken very seriously there. Maybe there is hope yet.

  6. Thanks for update C

    So the Deputy doesn't get to wear the big badge, after all?

    Essex...Glorious Essex. The Beacon in the Hinterlands that are MH Trusts.

    Heck, by next year everything will be Green and 'Go Go Go'.