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Monday, 29 September 2008

Saint Maxine on Monday slot

I feel I have wandered from the path of righteousness these past few days.

I have me rosary and me little metal chain that I can tighten around my leg, to pull me back into line. Although Ruth Kelly doesn't seem to be helped in her search for moral correctness by using hers. She obviously hasn't got the technique quite right, yet!

Anyway, I think a Monday slot needs to be allocated to those of higher states of enlightenment and they don't come much more enlightened than this one


  1. Hey Mandy,

    Like the cartoon, so your jolly out was ok then good. Your support worker sounds good, and more productive than my CC who means well but comes for short time every week to ask same questions- suicidal ideation, risky behaviour and mood about covers it. She says she thinks either mood elevation is due to coming off meds or my original diagnosis is wrong. joy. Also I have to see shrink as not 'allowed' to come of meds like I did- 'allowed'? that was the actual words she used. "Please MH services can I make decision for myself?'- MH service "no you are not of sound mind we know best"

  2. Not liking the use of CC's terminology, Lareve

    "Not allowed"!!!! I think " I wouldn't advise it" would have been more in line with her role in your care support (such as it is).

    Sometimes, they think they are talking to children and other times they think they are talking to those with an IQ of less than 50.
    Then you get to see the Shrink!!!!!

    It's like a twist on the game good cop/bad cop..only with parents proxied to us by the NHS and us being the wayward children who never learn to do as they are told.

    No wonder we don't get better. We don't try hard enough.

    Detention and stronger meds for you, young lady!!!

  3. Love Maxine.Feel like her sometimes, actually most if time.

    La-Reve your CC is a tw*t for that comment.
    Hubby wants to remove himself from the CMHT wonder what they'll say to him.He thinks they aren't any good !!

    Mandy will try & get back to u re the crimbo cards,nag me if I don't contact u by end of week.

    Ooo has a Wispa today ahead of launch !!! Very nice too !

    Love Sis xxx

  4. Hi Sis

    No rush on getting back to me. I know you are busy preparing for the course and have other stuff going on too.

    I can't say I really blame your hubby for wanting to remove himself from the clutches of the CMHT. Only problem is...what other support is available to him (specialist support) should he need it? That is the probby..that is why most of us 'tolerate' (in varying degrees) the CMHT we have.

    If it wasn't for my Support Worker I think I would be removing myself from the CMHT I have.

    One really clued up and helpful person in a whole isn't good enough. Not by any standards, is it?


  5. Is this a mixed sex blog and if it is I'd rather have a piece of ass than an MH support worker any day , at least the useless support staff in this berg.

    All offers will be considered .

  6. Hi Norm

    This is deffo a mixed sex blog. I don't believe in segregation.

    Actually, I have never been spooked by being on a mixed sex ward (although I know some people find them threatening). I have been more spooked by some of the attitudes of staff and their stand off-ish approach to nursing and care.

    I also find the cramped conditions more of an insult to my dignity.

    Then again I am a person who seems to need quite a bit of personal space.