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Friday, 26 September 2008

The New Disciple In Town

Dr Patrick Geoghegan OBE, New Acting CEO of Bedfordshire and Luton Partnership Trust

Snaffled from the website of his previous MH Trust, the following expands on his many attributes:

Patrick has a wealth of experience both working within the private and public sector. Patrick has worked at national level within the NHS and has been instrumental in helping develop national policies which have had a major positive impact within the UK.

His strength is in delivering change management and he describes himself as a ‘transformational leader who keeps his feet firmly planted on the ground’.

Lots of other 'bigging up' stuff was written about how the Essex Trust is all singing and dancing with successful mergers and acquisitions. I wonder if that Trust has a surplus and of how much????

I think Rollercoaster will be pleased to read that one of Patrick’s many passions is GOOD CUSTOMER SERVICE. He believes that in a regulated market where clinical standards are comprehensively monitored (ha! ha!) customer service/patient experience become the key differentiator.

One of Patrick’s acid tests for quality is whether the experience of using a service is one he or his family would want.

Can't wait to see his take on the Service User Survey results and what he intends to do to successfully merge the services provided by Beds and Luton PT with the experiences of the people who use them.


  1. Oh yes, I am looking forward mightily to that!

    I am encouraged by his obvious "track record" in terms of listening to service users. Just hope he is able to effect some change at BLPT.

  2. I don't believe hype, just cos it is there.

    The proof of this chap, for me, will be effective services that work in the best interests of service users (and not in the best interests of those who think they know what service users' best interests are)

    Time will tell but I am not going to raise my hopes.

  3. Understand that, Mandy. The services at his current trust do seem to be service-user responsive - I just keep hoping something can change. There are some great front-line staff at BLPT - it would be so good if management and structures could follow suit, instead of being preoccupied with hiding the truth and focused on business targets.