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Monday, 22 September 2008

The New Wonder Drug

It's back to basics time.

Whilst all those awfully moral, in a capitalistic context, but totally deluded pharma companies carry out mixing their toxins.

It is clear to me that we need to look at what makes people happy. Chocolate makes people happy. All those feely good ingrediants that do something uplifting with yer seratonin et al.

I am sure with a bit of tweeking we can bring the smile back to the faces of the morbidly depressed.

Whilst I type, my insider at the Royal College of Shrinks with Time on Their Hands reckons it will get backing (as long as someone with a posh title and more letters after their name than a postman could deliver in one day, backs it). Raj Persaud recently spoke out at the Nestle AGM about the healing powers of the blue smartie and how it could cure 99% of all known mental illnesses by the year 3022. And if Raj Persaud says something then we all know how true it is..His word is almost gospell but not quite as gospell as the person he stole it from.

Initial trials of the improved Smartie (to be called Smartiroxataprone) will take place on some frogs and if successful will be ready for general circulation in time for the Christmas rush.

Those Nice people at NICE have said that as long as the drug can be produced for less than 50peach. It will get their approval.

Dead cert!


  1. Hi Mandy

    Wanted to pop by and show my support. Blue smarties now theres a med I could go for. And the other colours as well if they're are going spare :)

    Lareve x

  2. Thanks Lareve

    I think we need to take things cautiously on the smarties front.

    One colour at a time and if it works then we could have the orange ones (tartrazene free) for ADHD, red ones for bipolars, the green ones for scizopherenia and people with BPD can have a cocktail of their choice :>)

    The future is most definately organge and brown and blue and.....