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Saturday, 27 September 2008

Still waiting for Godot

It has been nearly 3 weeks (this Monday coming) since the Director for something or other accompanied by the Manager of The Emergency Duty Team, visited me to discuss my complaints.

Those being about the unhelpfulness of the Emergency Duty Team on the 2 occasions they were contacted and the case of the missing blood test results.

It was an official as much as she said she would send me the Minutes (and within the week).

So, what has happened since that meeting?

Well, I got an e:mail from The Trust Complaints Manager asking whether or not I wanted to drop the complaint about the blood test results...since the Director assured me that the fault was with my GP practice.

I wrote back saying that I wanted to think about that and also that I needed confirmation of the dates when the blood tests were sent through from the Trust to my GP practice, in order to make a formal complaint with my GP practice.

Needless to say I have had nothing. No dates of when the blood test results were sent through and no minutes of meetings.

I assume, therefore, that there are discrepancies between what the Director assured me had taken place and what actually happened and that, as is ususally the case with the Trust, there is another break down in communications on their front.

I will be writing to The Complaints Manager to confirm that I wish both the original complaints to stand and I am dissatisfied that I have still not received the minutes of the meeting (although I never cease to be UNDERwhelmed by Trust responses).


  1. Sadly, I can't say I am surprised. My experience of getting minutes sent to me, and explanations, is (as you know) scarily similar to yours.

    I think going ahead with the complaint has to be the only logical course of action.

    That's not to say you will get any more resolution through the complaint, unfortunately, but at least it is an action you can take.

  2. Indeed C

    I have no faith in any of these systems.

    I doubt there will be any resolution, with the trail of incompetences to doesn't bode well.

    The complaints had already been made and I see no fact less reason.. to put a stop to them now.

    As you say I took the actions I could take and the only other thing is to keep putting up tales of the expected on the blog. It isn't much but it is getting the truth out there (somewhere).

  3. Hi Mandy

    Does beg the question why the feck they have complaints process when little to nothing results from them- not even a copy of minutes - how hard can that one be? sorry feel a bit frustrated today and borowing your Mental Health Trust to vent at- makes a change from my own.

  4. Hi Lareve

    Must confess to being more than a little pissed off meself.

    Rant all you like, honey. :>)


  5. hmm- as you said in one of your post if you are going to have a rant perhaps best to do it on your own blog so not to inflict on others.

  6. It's up to you Lareve

    I don't have a problem with you ranting here.