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Friday, 26 September 2008

The Messiahs are fighting amongst themselves

Needed to update this as got the research bases wrong, first time.

That media font of wisdom, 'The Times', set the swastikas amongst the pigeons when it printed an article claiming that having an abortion did not lead to mental health problems.

The article followed on from research carried out in the USA which stated that psychiatric problems do not arise after women have abortions. This research is in contrast to claims made in March of this year by The Royal College of Psychiatrists. Their view was that women should not be allowed to have abortions unless they have counselling on the possible risks to their mental health.

Now, almost saintly as I am aiming to be, I am still a woman and a woman who fell pregnant whilst taking what I thought were adequate precautions. At that time I thought about having an abortion. My daughter now nearly 20 years old and just about to start her second year at uni is proof that I didn't seek to abhort the pregnancy. It was a personal choice which I took fully aware of the fact that I had mental illness. I did not feel that I could terminate the life within me. I also made that choice thinking that I would remain with the father of my child and in spite of my problems, we would muddle through, somehow, together.

I do not believe that my decision should affect decisions other women make but it was a decision that didn't come without realising that my illness might well (and in fact) did impact on my ability to cope as a mother (as well as being the daughter of a terminally ill woman and member of the workforce at that time).

yes, it has all gone a bit serious around here. But my reason for this is that life is not static. Whilst the Messiahs demand clarity on whether abortion does affect mental health or not(and I am assuming it is about the woman's mental health), what they seem not to be getting is that not only does the act of getting rid of a life impact on the woman but the circumstances of her life play their part...and what might be circumstances that are maintainable and stable one day can very quickly change.

Granted my having mental illness prior to becoming pregnant was going to have a major impact on my child and myself but I wasn't a complete mong...I was intelligent enough to know that this child was for life and whatever decisions I made were going to be mega ones.

Some people, and I wouldn't blame them if they did, might think that I should have had an abortion rather than take the risk and hope for the best when actually I couldn't sustain the sort of environment condusive to my daughter's constant well being and stability. But those people also need to be aware of the realities of life. It isn't just about one is about the key people in their life and what support mechanisms are around.

As ever, Messiahs love the absolutes but lesser mortals have to rattle around in flux...making difficult decisions and, on reflection, I think if the father had not been around (or showing slight signs of interest) at the time, I might well have had an abortion but it would have cost me dearly. Not only would I not have my daughter but I think it would have emotionally screwed me over.

Based on confidential discussions I have had with other women (who have had abortions) over the years, I don't think women make that decision lightly and they do (if not have mental health problems) feel very deeply (and suffer pain) about the choice they made.

There's black and white but mostly loads of grey.

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