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Friday, 26 September 2008

Scouting for trouble

According to the Daily Mail... I know I don't like the paper but this story is too good not to repeat...all hell broke loose after a Scouting Jamboree event in Devon.

When the parents went to pick up their offspring, they were told they had to pay a £10 health and safety fee before they could go through the camp gates. When they refused their children were forced to haul their camping gear up the half mile driveway.

The scout leader said that it was chaos with heated arguments and was quite ugly!!! Someone might have got kicked in their ging gang goolies (okay, I confess, I am colouring the landscape with my own imagery here)but from the accounts given it was a thoroughly bad end to a weekend's fun.

On a personal note, I can't quite see what relevance there is to charging a health and safety fee, when all parents were doing was going to pick up their kids...but the wonders of bureaucracy (or relevance of it) often pass me by.

Perhaps The Royal College of Psychiatrists should issue a statement saying Scouts should only be allowed to go on camping trips if their parents are counselled about the dangers to their mental health when they go and pick them up.

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