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Friday, 26 September 2008

Appropriate places for rants - If The Messiah of all Messiahs says "Panic" then panic will be the order of the day

I posted a comment on Sis's blog and then thought "Okay, it is fair comment but it is more appropriate if I am going to rant to rant on my own blog" so here it is:

And even more bollox to George Bush and those pillocks in Washington.

Thrashing out a 700 billion dollar (tax payers coshed and hocked up to the eyeballs) bail out to cover their own ineptitude and greed amidst the ineptitude and greed of Wall Street.

The meek might well inherit the Earth but not before that lot (with Team GB loitering around waiting for the baton to be chucked across the pond) have bled it dry.

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