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Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Dearly Beloveds

We are gathered here today to witness the dawn of a new era. Actually, it is more a re-hash of an old one based around taking the mickey.

From this day forth, and once a week, I shall place the image of a real life MH Messiah up on the blog. I wouldn't want to be greedy and keep these treasures for myself....and I shall call this precious space 'Messiah of The Week' spot. Perhaps, 'Messiah of the Weak Spot' would be even more appropriate. Hmmm

You can pray to this icon in whatever form you choose. I will be doing so by practising an old ritual of raspberry blowing and alternating 2 finger signs on each being ambidextrous a sign of slight divinity? I do hope so.

If I can achieve half of this week's chosen one's fortune (fekk the fame...just give me the money), I will feel that I am on the road to blessed recovery.


And now let us sing his praises:


  1. lovely to hear from you again. you make me laugh so much and your target deserves any thing he she or it gets.

    i do hope you are dong something to spread the word about this blog.

    keep on fighting, more power to both your elbows and your knees too if they can help in the battle t expose how bloody uselless and even damaging at least 90% of the mental health system is.


  2. And there was me thinking Mr Naess was so badly misunderstood!!!!!!

    Do you think he will be giving his cast off ties to the needy?