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Wednesday, 24 September 2008

The Ritalin is OFF!

Yes, this staple diet of the British household now looks set to be chucked out with the contents of yesterday's lunchbox.

The rather vague reason, given by those budding Messiahs who would rather hide their shining light under their duvet ,is that "It is prescribed far too freely". Cyphers, working flat out to find a translation, have come up with "It is fekkin' dangerous", "It doesn't do it for me", "This is wicked shit, maaaan".

Hows about some of that good all-rounder CBT instead? If it is helpful(cheap) enough for other members of the 'bewildered' classes why not those with ADHD?

Meanhwile, with children bouncing off walls all over the country, I hear some Doubting Thomas in the background asking, rather sheepishly, "Whatever happened to research and evidence bases?". Tut tut! You gotta have faith!!!


  1. Hey Mandy,
    sorry not commenting been on bit of jolly to newark(hour from where I am in notts) just overnight.

    Blog coming along nicely. Re: Cervical cancer jab- I went to a catholic school and when we got to sex ed the only contraception method they would tell us about was soemthing called a 'rhythm method' this resulted in 9 pregnancies before my year left school. So this does not surprise me.

    As for this post. I been to CBT and don't see how it can help anyone really - She kept asking of I was suicidal and then saying everything would be better if I just left the house. Hello- I find it hard staying in at moment eg- London. Wish they would just give me the money my therapy is costing and I could just buy a one way ticket to cadbury world or something (would be more enjoyable)

  2. .....I meant been to CBT earlier today

  3. Hi Lareve

    Isn't the rhythm method when the guy plays bongos and the woman accompanies him on tambourine?

  4. CBT eh? Lareve

    Another satisfied customer. Ha! Ha!

    "Now Johnny sit still and repeat after me - I am calm and quiet and in control

    Johnny, what are you doing with that fire extinguisher?"

  5. Hmm- No don't think that is it but sounds like that would be more useful at potecting against unwanted pregnancies. I do think the Catholic church has a lot of growing up to and I say that as a semi-reitred Catholic.

  6. Hmm you set up your timezone right Mand?

  7. Looking forward to reading about the jolly in Newark, Lareve

    Think I am on a manic one...

    Had this image just come into my head.

    There's Johnny lying on the couch and the shrink says "Tell me about your childhood". (Johnny is five years old!!!!!)

  8. Think I sorted the clock.

    Thanks for letting me know, L


  9. Yeah, this is getting a bit like an all out convo. can't be bothered with my blog at mo.will write something soon.
    You ok Mandy? Manic? mail me if you need to, hows the wafer things going- you could stick a slice of Neopolitan in between :)

  10. Hey, this is my blog and if I want to chit, chat, then I will...and people can chit chat along if they want.

    I am a bit manic today. Have just dropped the wafer tablet, which is actually the size of a horse pill. So, if I suddenly disappear it is either

    a) because have konked out on the floor

    b) am heading off into the outer universe

    c) I can't feel anything from the waist up (or down)

  11. I meant you still there, sorry got flu so high on lemsip

  12. Hi again Lareve

    I did go a bit spacey on the new migraine tablet but it seems to be far.

    Only obvious side effect, tingly fingers. I can live with that.