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Friday, 26 September 2008

Accident and Emergency Services not yet on the road to recovery

The Healthcare Commission, not historically known for sticking it's neck out, states that patients are facing unneccesary delays when waiting for emergency and out-of-hours treatment.

The reason for this, says the Commission, is that people are confused over where to seek help.

None, in my view, more so than those people with mental illness!

In the review, the Commission claims "More than one (that means 2) in three out-of-hours services cannot demonstrate that they meet national requirements". Well, I am sure people with mental illness would be pleased/amazed if they were given the option of an out-of-hours service - As in if one actually existed that responded to their needs.

I am not sure if the Commission's review looked at people with mental illness who require emergency treatment but it damn well should have because right now the only option is to sit in an A&E department (for hours on end), along with other people with physical injuries and life threatenening illnesses and that, for people in mental melt down, ain't helpful.

Sure I have gone off at a tangent but a relevant one.

At a recent meeting with a Director at Beds and Luton Partnership Trust, I was assured that the role of the Crisis Team was being reviewed. I think that should take place along with a review of all emergency response teams for people with MH problems. In fact a combined review of Mental Health Trust and Social Services emergency teams wouldn't go amiss but I have yet to see these 2 entities working in any kind of harmony.

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  1. Mandy

    I have stated my views and experiences re: emergency mental health care. It is virtually non exhistent. How they can expect to have one service for physical and mental emergencies isn't helpful to staff or patient. My plan for any future emegency(out of hours) support I may need is to cross my fingers and hope I don't need them. Not ideal but only option for some