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Sunday, 28 September 2008

For Lareve and all those who feel the need to purge their souls


  1. Thanks Mandy,

    Hope the Car boot is productive for you. Feel somewhat less angry at the moment but will see how day goes and of course I have CC tomorrow x

  2. Hmmm....was a non starter.

    Got in the car and was heading off to the booty and the sun hit my eyes and I started getting flashing lights.

    Feel utterly deflated now boo hoo :<) so heading back to bed.

  3. Hi Mandy

    Did you get any sleep?
    It's a week since the demise of the lifeboat, should we light a candle and hold a minutes silence?

  4. No, I didn't get any sleep Lareve

    Dossed in bed with hot water bottle and some card supply catalogues.

    Blimey, is it a week since I sunk the Lifeboat?

    I would rather play some music and eat chocolate than do anything too heavy. There's plenty enough heavy already.

    Anyone for some Smarties?

  5. yeah I know what you mean just made a crumble so perhaps could celebrate with that? How quick does a week go tho! Silvawingz del her blog too I think. c'est la vie.

  6. I was sad that Silvawings deleted her blog but was her choice.