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Thursday, 8 January 2009

Is there a point and if so could someone enlighten me as to what it is?

A couple of friends informed me that they don't have to pay council tax because they have MH problems.

I rang the council office to ask about this and they told me that people with bipolar are not excempt from paying council tax. Well, as one of the friends that told me they were except has bipolar, I have to wonder at what exactly is going on and why?

Is this another new law the government are bringing in or do the rules vary depending on which borough you live in..hmmm Or is it now seen that bipolar is no longer as debilitating illness?

I spoke to my care co-ordinator who is going to be talking to a disability rights adviser on Monday about it. She has also advised me to organise a meeting between Dad's care co-ordinator and myself in regards to his mental health and care needs.

In amongst this had another letter from the MP telling me the relevant person at the Trust is on holiday and will be getting in touch when they are back off leave.

Is all quite muddley really. Perhaps I should wait for the relevant person at the Trust and ask them to be involved in the meeting.

And so I have bought myselfa second hand hoover. Spied it whilst I was posting the letters to credit card company. My carpets are a disgrace and I couldn't stand it any longer. Okay so I am in overdraft but am kind of giving up on the budgetting front. Know that I am on a hiding to nothing with that.

As I wrote on my facebook page, I am now using the hoover to try and suck my brains out with. Might get some relief!!!


  1. Mandy
    I thought people on benefits don;t pay council tax? I thought with your entitlement you wuld certainly come under that. As for not being debilatating 9excuse spelling) well they should live with it and see, bloody civil servants - they frustrate me.

    As for the hoover thing, I'm not sure using it on your brains is good idea, would make a terrible mess and difficult to clean out the cylinder afterwards.

    PS- I been to see Shrink today. They agree no meds for me. I did burst out laughing in meeting which concerned her. And she thinks I'm in hyper mode. Oh well.

  2. Hi Mandy, if you're on IS or IB then you shouldn't be having to pay council tax.

    Why do they make it so bloody difficult. Apparently I've been eligible for DLA the last year but to be honest the whole rigmarole and form-filling and 'thinking' and etc has made a coherent application impossible.


    take care D

  3. Hi Lareve

    I think the DWP and councils have been told to bring out the cosh and hit hard with it.

    I am glad that your shrink meeting went well for you. In my non expert opinion, bursting out laughing, in itself, is not an indication that someone is hyper.

    If you were stapling your coat/jacket/blouse to the desk at the time, that would have been a clearer indication. Or pacing around the room picking things up and putting them down again.

    Then again one person's hyper is another person's sense of humour.

    I am fast coming to the conclusion that I know too much about not much and jack shit of any use. :>)

  4. Hi D

    I didn't get DLA until a MH adviser advised me that I was entitled to it. They helped me with the form because I couldn't make any sense of it.

    Same question asked about 10 times and boxes with how many times a day you are disabled by your disability. In fact a few boxes pertaining to mornings, afternoons and evenings.

    And in answer to "why do they make is so bloody difficult"...because they don't really want people to get these benefits and with the recession worsening they will be doing all they can to ensure people don't get them in future.

    Again in my non expert opinion I think people who can't or won't play the system are going to be screwed!

    and that does mean you, me and many like us.

    Maybe I am Macbething this but I think not!

    It will be a case of "Out damn spots".

  5. It's the same rules throughout England regarding Council Tax relief and help with rents. I don't think you should be paying much if any council tax. Check it out with your local CAB.

    When you're filling in DLA forms (or similar) make sure that you think of your worst days and use them to describe your situation. I also find the forms intimidating. CAB usually help with filling in forms, too.

    Good luck!

  6. Thanks Robert

    I have been told that there is a form you can get which a doctor then has to sign.

    Will talk to my care co-ordinator, after she has spoken with the Disability Rights Adviser. See where we go from there.


  7. I suspect the council didn't understand your question.

    If you are on benefits, you get a substantial discount or no council tax at all, but it's not as per specific illnesses.

    Let's say I rang up the council, I would not get exempt just because of my bipolar illness because I have a job and so on.

    They will have looked down a list of criteria and said, 'nope, not listed here'.

    What is possible is that to be exempt, you may need to show proof of disability or whatever and bipolar may count a lot more than, say, bad back, for this.