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Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Either a very stupid cow or an arrogant one

Found this story in my in box:

AN NHS executive has been blasted after boasting she works for the NHS “bull*****ing for a living” on her Friends Reunited web page.

Caroline Davis, in her 30s, is Assistant Director of Strategic Partnerships for the NHS Eastern and Coastal Kent health authority.

Her salary, more than 50,000 a year, would pay for at least two nurses.

Her job involves flying the flag for the NHS and working with local authorities so patients get the best deal.

Her entry for the popular social networking site lists previous areas where she worked.


Then she writes: I now live in Dover, where I work for the NHS, bull*****ing for a living, no change there then.

One NHS Eastern and Coastal Kent Trust NHS worker said: "Her comments make a mockery of hard-working staff. It's just downright rude. It's disgusting that she has written something like that on a public site when she works for the NHS."

A spokesperson for NHS Eastern and Coastal Kent said: "We are following an internal process with the individual concerned. We take our reputation very seriously and disapprove of anything which brings the NHS into disrepute".

Last night Davis could not be contacted for comment.

Who would take bets on Ms Davis being suspended? Or even being cautioned by her superiors.

And I am all for whistleblowing but blowing one's own trumpet about how they screw everyone is something else!!


  1. I think that she'll get told off for this gaff. NHS bosses don't like anyone telling the truth!!

  2. Perhaps she will get an award for being the most honest NHS Executive.

  3. Aye it's a rare thing to find a useless bureaucrat who isn't up their own pompous arse. Well done Caroline for being honest. Wouldn't it be great if her NHS trust showed a similar level of sincereity and changed the sign to her "Department of Strategic Partnerships" to the "Department of Bullshit".


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  5. *sorry last post didn't make sense

    Wow very honest of her. But she doesn't get paid the big bucks for honesty and this will upset her coleagues who work very hard at looking like they work hard. I say let her have her say, and maybe give them all a wage cut to pay for something more useful - like staples, or at a push a few nurses.

  6. ***shakes head in hands***
    I cannot believe it. How someone could bring the good name of NHS Executives into disrepute.

  7. Thank you Ms Davies and the Kent and the Coastal Primary Care Trust for the insider confirmation of this well kept open secret.

    People should request information from their Trusts under the Freedom of Information Act on how much their ' bulshitting 'strategic partnership and complaints bureaucracies cost to run a year.

    I phoned SLaM'S complaints department today only to have the phone answered by its PALS officer so SLaM's bulshit aparatus is really joined up to ensure texture , coverage and spray.

    SLaM a huge bureacratic NHS monopoly in South London helped pioneer this bulshitting approach and under SLaM CEO Stuart Bell pint sized bulshitter par excellence the situation has just got worse.

    Patients and the taxpaying public have a right to know "the bulshit to services funding ratio " of their Trusts, I think.

    How much does your Trust's bulshitting cost? We need to know!

  8. Hi Mo

    "Department of Bullshit". think that is a good idea then at least people dealing with that department would know exactly what they are getting rather than having to wait to find out :>)

  9. Lareve

    Something more useful like staples...Ha! ha!

  10. Norm

    We do need to know but I reckon we are talking millions here :>)