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Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Kerry Katona to save Iceland

Ms Katona has had her contract renewed....which might be something to do with her sudden weight loss and her new improved glamourous image but I like to think it is because Iceland thinks 'she's worth it'.

Can she bring Iceland back from the brink? An exiting government spokesman said "She looks pretty hot from here and she seems to put on a good spread but not sure she will hold any new coalition together".

Mysterious times indeed but wishing Kerry all the best...she is one hell of a come back kid.

Waiting now for confirmation that Jordan has accepted the position as home from home shadow secretary for the Republican Party. Might be some minor spats with Sarah Palin over clothing and make up budgets but sure Jordan is more than capable of holding her own (what there is left that is her own). Word on the grapevine is that her first project will be getting a 'beauty bill' passed which will lead to all aesthetically challenged people having compulsory plastic surgery or face (that being with their original face) the death penalty. She was quoted as saying "It ain't fair to have to look at ugly faces, it's a infringd....infrinj...., well it is something to do with my basic human right"

Let's hear it for the new womens' liberation movement. Yeeha!!!!


  1. I loved your piss-take on Jordan! It's a side of you I hadn't seen before. Got me grinning. More of the same please!

    Good that you're on an up, now. I hope it lasts.

    ...and I'm a Enya fan. Have been for years. Being Irish too has nothing to do with it - she just does good music.

  2. I thought you meant the supermarket...

  3. Didn't Kerry ge the new image through surgery. Nice message to all teenage followers there then. As for Jordan well, what can we say. I think people should give her the recognition she deserves. She just wants to be taken seriously you know ;). lol

  4. Hi Robert

    Is something that kind of happens with me. It is either there or it isn't.

    That posting came from my flitting through the virgin main page that comes up when I use the internet and the ideas sort of came to me all at once. Then they go just as quickly.

    I think 'Shepherd's Moon' is a brilliant album.

  5. Hi D

    I meant different things :>)

  6. Indeed Lareve

    I think Jordan and Sarah Palin would be a brilliant polticial combination. Lola was talking about the comedic value of George Bush. Well, these 2 would more than make up for his departure.

    I feel some empthaty towards Kerry Katona. I think some women are more lost in celeb land than others. However, she is another person who sold out in order to survive. I can see why she did it but as you say is not sending positive messages to teenagers. Mind you, I don't see much coming from the media that actually does send positive messages to them.


  7. Is it Iceland the country or the shop?

    Given that she has taken to posing in a straightjacket for the print ads for Crazy In Love I want to smack her one.