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Saturday, 10 January 2009

Dancing down memory lane

Cheers Lareve x

The Divine Billie Ray Wotserface:

Check out the miming on this...even for a mostly synthesized track is showing what was really pants about TOTP.


  1. Gawd i can remember how crap some of these dance /rave numbers sounded if people ever attempted to play them live. Can also remember that dry ice too ( who has nicked me jacket?, where have all my mates gone or who invited you here? - get out!) Most of all from those times is i can remember hoodies with paisley or psychadelic patterns on them , washing machines and UFO's that type of thing. I remember this guy i know buying a trench coat with summer of love psychadelia on it in Camden. i bet he wore it like once:)

  2. Hey Norm

    Have a confession to make. I had a pair of them baggy dungarees and a psychedelic hoody. Oh The Shame!

    But was an era that spawned The Prodigy so all was not lost. :>)

  3. I also remember that Em loved Adamski's music. She was about 16-18 months old at the time.

    When I put the video of his songs on she would stand in front of the telly shaking her booty. Well dink!