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Thursday, 1 January 2009

Can't forget the little one

Here is my first attempt at using digital camera. I think I have to do something about the lighting but at least I managed to install it, take photos and then download them (all by myself).


  1. Is that your cat, bless her. I like the new hair do Mandy and congrats on working out the tech stuff. Ps- Almost a smile as well. Don't let BLPT see you- that just won't do. ;)

  2. Yep, hun, that is my cat. She will be 11 this year and in spite of having a heart murmur and only 1of her big teeth left she is doing well.

    Her favourite treat is marmite and she likes to sprawl out on the floor whilst I run my hand down her spine. She is total poppet.

    Is one of the rare photos of me not looking like I am waiting to be shot. Yes, I looked almost sane, didn't I? Ha! God bless lorazepam and all who sail in her!

  3. A cat who likes Marmite. Ha- thought I'd heard it all. I like cats but a bastard neighbour stole my cat and wouldn't tell me where she was. I would get another one but I don't think I need anything else to look after at mo.

    Am up and maudlin with thoughts. reliving recent episode. but thought I'd pop by. Hoping Lorazepam is giving you pleasant dreams

  4. Sorry you are feeling maudlin'. New Year can do that....reflections and hopes for a better year etc etc.

    I try to take things one day at a time. It isn't always that easy ..when the brain is demanding answers or action or whatever is not achievable at the time.

    Was pretty whacked out yesterday...more troughing than peaking but so far, so good, today.

    I managed a good night's sleep on quarter of a loz. Not bad going and got letter from GP that my smear test came out 'normal'. Wey hey, I am normal!!!

    Hope your Friday is an easier one for you xxx

  5. miaouw! Give suki extra scritches from me :).