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Friday, 30 January 2009

Crikey, it's Friday night already!

Can't believe how quick the last 3 days have gone.

Had the meeting with Dad's care co-ordinator and support worker on Wednesday. When I say INSIPID, BANAL AND USELESS. I think alot of people who deal with MH services will know exactly where I am coming from.

After an hour, in which I did 90% of the work trying to get people talking together and about the same subject, the only outcomes (things to take forward) were an agreement from the care co-ordinator that she would take suggestions to the full team meeting (next week)that a memory test (which is all they seem to do when someone might have dementia) be completed by Dad and that Age Concern be contacted to get a befriending service for Dad. Wow...NOT! I don't think I have any choice but to get back to MP and say that is totally unsatisfactory considering we are a year down the line and Dad is no better. I could take the choice to do nothing but then Dad would have no one giving any real consideration to his needs or mine. So really I have no choice!!!

That night Em, Rob and I took a MacDonald's meal round Dad's. He was in a poor way, again, but he ate and he rallied a bit in the conversation.

Yesterday, I didn't get up till 10 am but was in an okay mood because I think rather than be in a trough about the meeting the day before, I felt I could take this further. Okay more bureaucracy and such like, but is better to feel that I can do something, rather than nothing....and then the day sort of took over. I had planned a bath, an internet food shop and looking for something nice in the '' sale to wear to the carers' valentine's do next week. The phone rang pretty much all morning and into the afternoon. Which was fine. I got to talk to someone I hadn't spoken to before. A friend off the internet and that was really nice. To connect in that way.

Before I knew it, Debs turned up and it was off to her place. I did manage to sort Suki's food and comfort needs out (and give her some fusses) before I went. So no comments about cruetly to animals, thanks :>) We picked up my prescription on the way and I now have my February supply of lozees and migraine wafers.

Great night there. Deb's has a fair few physical probbies and her back was giving her grief so I played nursey a bit. Is fine cos, with Debs, what goes around comes around. We watched a programme about women who have romantic relationships with transvestites. Fascinating is the most appropropriate word for how I found it. Asked myself would I have a relationship with a transvetite and the answer would be "Yep, if I fancied them". Chances of coming across a transvestite in my day to day world are low and then having chemistry would be something that is debatable but I do like the idea of going shopping and trying out wigs together. That would be cool. I think I would make a better friend than lover!!!! Then again, that has been the story of my life. Skippy spent a few hours indoors (being a soppy thing)...Debs reckons he is more like a dog than a goat and I agree.

Today, card making with Hayley. My positive mood prevailed and I made a couple of cards for Debs and then revamped the 70's dancing queen card. I wasn't happy with the original and then I made a goth fairy card. Will try and scan some of me latest endeavours over the weekend. We had the most humungous jacket tatees with beans and cheese for lunch and everything was really mellow as we chatted and listened to Duffy's album (followed by some Kylie classics).

Now, after a bath and catching up on emails and phone calls, am ready to snug down with whatever is on the 'Alibi' channel and a hot choccy.


  1. Hi Mandy
    Glad you got some chill time.
    I hope things work out with your Dad. I Have been on boohoo today and they have lots of tartan coats for 15 pounds. thought of you. Anyone take care there. x

  2. Hmm... those wonderful words "take suggestions to the team meeting..." Think I have heard them before a few times. Never seemed to result in anything more than silence as far as I recall, but hoping you (or your MP - excellent idea!) have better success than I have ever had.

    Glad you had a good time today. Be gentle with yourself this weekend.

  3. There are times when I've thought taking an axe along to the team meeting would better focus minds .....

  4. Hi Lareve

    I like the stuff on boohoo, and the prices. I did see an itsby bitsy red dress with a tartan bow but even I wouldn't dare wear it.

    I missed the tartan coats, somehow.


  5. C,

    That is exactly why I have written to my MP because suggestions can end up in bins and I do feel the CMHT are providing very little support. Having said that his support worker is a lovely woman but I don't think 1 one hour meeting, with her, per week is of much benefit to him.

    I do, rightly or wrongly, think he would be better in a more supported environment but is not my decision to make..I mean I want to be involved in decisions but not the one having to keep on keeping on try and get father the care he needs.

    Is exhausting mentally and emotionally. Like they give a shit.

    Will do me best to be gentle with myself and hope your weekend is a good one for you.

  6. Norm

    Don't tempt me. I am a woman on the edge. Ha!

  7. I know quite a few transvestites. Actually if you can track down the film The Story of Trannyshack, which is about a club night in San Francisco, you'll probably find it interesting.

  8. The way you and your dad are being treated by the "Services" makes me want to scream, photocopy my arse, and send it to them. Why is it so bloody difficult?

    Lola x

  9. Hi DeeDee

    The only transvestite I knew was Tommy (well that was what he termed himself) but he was much more than that. He had unique personalities...all of which were tender and one of which wrote the most awesome poetry.

    Will see if I can get a copy of the film. So thanks for letting me know about it.

  10. Thanks Lola

    I want to mail my arse to them only that will mean removing it from the rest of me. Not particularly practical.


  11. That's where my new ' Artificial Arse in a Box ' service will come in handy. You can mail a realistic looking Arse to an NHS Official of your choice for 50% less during February.

  12. Anon

    Am thinking your service is a goer.

    It has great potential.

    Arse in a birthday cake...etc etc