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David Cameron gets to be God!

Monday, 19 January 2009


'When I said "America needs an enema", I didn't want it taken that literally!!!'

So off goes George W, leaving a trail of botched speeches and unnecessary wars behind him. Yep, the wars carry on but he will be well out of it now.

Am actually not going to write about all that was naff about him because that is evident to anyone with half a working brain cell but something interesting, well it caught my attention, about his reign as president was that he had authorised the most funding for Aids treatment in Africa than any other president. So okay, one could argue that as the price of everything goes up so must medical treatment, and maybe you have to keep it in that context....But he could have authorised less funding, or the same as before, and he didn't. I am relatively impressed with that but not enough for it to make up for him being another naff politician in a line of.

And tomorrow, Barack Obama is taking the stage..possibly from centre left but is too early to say. I am not overly excited, although I do think this is a chance for some positive change and if I were African American I would feel that the struggle of my ancestors was worth something more than bad history to look back on. As a white loony Brit, of no real relevance, I hope more than any experience of politics has proved that things will get better with him as president..I guess it depends what is expected of him, how much power he actually has and how he uses it.

Extra note..because I am a white loony Brit does not mean that I can't appreciate the relevance of a mixed race president (in regards to equal ops and all that) is more a case of I don't trust politicians..whatever their ethnic background.


  1. Good riddance to bad rubbish. I must admit I'm cynical about the future too. Take care, D

  2. Gee I'm quite sorry to see Bush go, I suspect Obama won't have nearly as much comedy value, although I suppose that's not really a good reason to keep an inept wassack like Bush around. Oh well, I'll have to go back to laughing at our own politicians, not that we are short of idiots in that department...

    Lola x

  3. Obama may not live up to everyone's expectations, but he sure can't do any worse than Bush.

    Now what about finding an inspirational politician to lead the UK?

    I wish!

  4. Indeed D

    Although I agree with Lola that Bush's comedic value will take some beating. I think if Sarah Palin stays in the forefront of Republican party she will be good for some cheap laughs.

    Hi Robert

    For the sakes of those who believe in him, I hope Obama does better than Bush. Is hard to see how he could do worse but you never can tell. When it comes to Brit politicians...'Dire' is the word that springs to mind.

    I thought Mo Mowlam was a bit special....somesunshine in amongst the continual drizzle.

  5. PS. for Robert, have added Marie's blog to list :>)

  6. Bush is unmissed already here. That said, a lot of Obama's problems are going to be caused by the hype and unrealistic expectations around the Change agenda he played up to as even if he stops and/or reverses a lot of the paranoid fear and agression driven policies and rot that set in under the Bush administration , which he clearly needs to do, at best this is going to be viewed as a ' negative good', addressing things that the US shouldnt have been doing in the first place like someone admitting " I no longer hit my wife"

    The real deal is what Obama practically does to re-invent the American Dream as a more inclusive , realistic and sustainable way of life as wherever the US goes we follow so lets just hope he can bring about some lasting positive good for all our sakes.