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Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Worry Lag, a really vital blog posting and a young Doctor with much more than an Oyster card

Haven't been waving or drowning but huddling in the trenches waiting for the backfire!

I am not sharing anything of what is going on with Dad because I have been too twisted up with anger and hurt and I can no longer be arsed!!!!

I am not competely washing my hands of situations so much as detaching myself on the grounds that I have just joined Lil's "Self Preservation Society" and following Mr Sinatra's footsteps, I'll do it MY WAY!

Had a hunt round blogland and was struck by the glorious Dr Rant on a classic rant. Actually, it was more a straight to point assessment of how things are in the NHS rather than a rabid session of the screamy ab dabs (although I quite like those too). Anyway, the best rants are those backed up by a sharp intake of reality.

Problem is Jo (where the fekk are we, now?) Public seems to have resigned itself to being permanently shafted up the jacksie by the Government and for those who feel the Government have been given a bad name...wake up and smell the pxss you are drowning in!!!

I was actually relieved to read Dr Rant's posting. Relieved that there are still some people out there prepared to take a breather from the Jollity Farm and look at where they are and ask some questions as to why.

And flitting from the crucial to the optional extras....a tangent I am more than happy to go with is the new Dr Who.The quirkily attractive (in my mostly irrelevant opinion) Matt Smith.

I like him. Not even sure why yet but I did get to see him in 'The Ruby In The Smoke' in which his character reminded of an older Artful Dodger. I haven't the foggiest how he will cut it as the new Doctor but am prepared to ride along with him in the Tardis and see where he goes. Pity it is rather a long wait for his big entrance...but that does allow David Tennant fans (me included) to say our goodbyes in a more gentle fashion.


  1. Sorry things with your Dad are still afoot, wish there was something we could do or say but with resort to sighing and bashing my head on the keyboard instead. Thanks for the tipoff about the rant. I love it when people throw their cyber dollies out of the pram!

    Lola x

  2. Hi Mandy. Not being arsed to care is actually the healthiest response at your disposal. There is such a thing as compassion fatigue and you're a busy woman.

  3. Hi Lola

    Dad has materialised. I am afraid I couldn't get my act together to put the welcome banners up.

    I did pretty dispassionately listen to how wonderful his trip was for him. The alternative was to let loose on the screamy ab dabs. Is my blood pressure that would be going through the ceiling.

    Rather irritatingly I got a follow on call from his best friend telling me she had asked him to marry her???????

    Again, I can't be arsed to ponder where that came from...have filed it in the "hope the MH workers have the savvy to pick all this up..file". After all they are the experts (and my Aunt Fanny knew Lloyd George intimately!!!!!!!).

    Spurred on by your list of 16. I think I might do a list of really great things that happened before my life turned to poo. :>)


  4. erm sorry Lola,

    Cocked that up I mean his friend said Dad had asked her to marry him.

    Bonkers...that is lame compared to the Lawrence Family history!!!!

  5. Zoe

    Honey, I am beyond compassion fatigue and into somebody begging someone to shoot me before if I have to listen to any more of what has gone on!!!

    I have done the only sensible thing and ordered a take out.

    I have a veggie burger, potatoe wedges, side salad, garlic mushrooms and bbq dip. All that for under £6. That is where I am at right now.


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