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Wednesday, 14 January 2009

The caring arms of the Government

By arms I mean the different bodies that the govenment have created.

Have read latest posting on Panic Room's blog. Her grandmother is being harassed to pay back thousands of pounds. What sort of caring organisation continues to over-pay people (without their knowledge) and then suddenly decides to have that money back. Obviously is gross incompetence that people get overpaid so much and for so long..and maybe they haven't actually been overpaid. You really can never tell with this government what is going on. Nope, I don't trust them and I think anyone that does is fickle.

We are in a recession and me thinks that the government has been sending round robins demanding their henchmen start turning the screws on the poor and so people are getting nasty letters insisting money is paid back as of NOW! Like that is going to cover the costs of allowing banks (and what exactly is a Hedge Fund?) to do what they want and when they want with minimul accountability. And it looks like the government might well have to nationalise banks en masse. Weird place for a capitalist society to find itself in.

I have got to the point where I am ignoring (on an internal level) letters from my local council and I am paying what I can. Ultimately they could send me to jail, although I doubt they would because the prisons would be bursting (even more than they are now) with people in similar situations.

You can't cover the debts of the greedy and wreckless by stuffing the poor. There just isn't the money in these quarters anymore.

On the household front...Suki was sick all through the night. She seems okay now. She has been drinking lots of water and had a quick pad around outside. Keeping an eye on her but think she is over the worst.

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