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Saturday, 24 January 2009

The hedgehog has been helped by some fab friends

In spite of on-going issues and a nasty attack of IBS (thanks to peppermint oil getting some relief) I went to my friend's on Thursday. It was a good move because I got to spend lots of time with Skippy and he ended up with his head resting on my leg and falling asleep. That was deffo an "arr bless" thing.

Friend wanted to clip his hooves. So I knelt, trying not to kneel too hard, on his neck whilst she did the clipping (that might sound cruel but she insisted it was the right way to do it). He seemed okay about it and I was stroking his face and trying to soothe him and he was okay, until the last hoof when he had had enough and stood up and I went flying across the room. Was one of them sequences that you imagine ending up on "You've been framed".

Yesterday was card making day and I thought "Sod it, just go for it". So I did.

Saw Dad last night with Em and her fella. I am trying to get to point where I can de-sensitise myself (because I always feel so raw). Not sure I will ever get there but trying.

Today, it is too early to say what I am going to do so will see how the day takes me but have no big plan. At the moment am watching Andy Murray playing some excellent tennis in Australia (he is not me..Ha!)

Here's some of my latest endeavours of the cutty outty kind:


  1. Those are so cool! My friend sent me one at xmas with a cut out pattern on it which you can put a candle behind so it lights up. I didn't simply because knowing my luck i would've burnt the house down...

    Lola x

  2. Thanks Lola

    I would have similar concerns with such a card.

    I am prone to running a bath and forgetting about it and leaving things in the oven and then wondering what that awful burning smell is.

    Am also glad there is nothing worth stealing in my house because I also go out and forget to lock the door. OOPs!

    Is a case of 'Danger idiot at large' x

  3. P.S. Have you got a bottle of red spare? xx