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Monday, 26 January 2009

Steel Works latest victim of recession

I don't know why this seems more pertinent to me than the other losses. Most probably because steel production used to be an important industry in this country. Then again so were many other production industries and they are either in decline or gone now.

I remember the pit closures, a bleak period in British history. It symbolised to me, the end of an era... communities as was, were destroyed (I think the only thing that has actually replaced that is super-size supermarkets) and also the disabling of unions. Some would say that was a good thing but I feel that unions did and should still have an important role to play in regards to the welfare of workers.

Actually, if anyone has come out okay in regards to what unions achieved, in the past, is is the workers at Northern Rock because under TUPE (transfer of contractual obligations) they are entitled to bonuses and pay rises. I wonder how many of them are actually in unions...not many I would say! And of course the head honcho there has got a massive reward...maybe in a year or two they will be moved out (with a massive pay off) for non achievement. But such is what has become custom and practise in the UK.

Anyway, whatever people think of the banking world, and generally I think the consencus is it sucks, it had become one of the biggest industries in a country evidently in economic decline for quite some time. If a country isn't producing and/or selling something useful to its public and other countries then quite how the economy keeps going is questionable. Popular as they are, I doubt mobile phone sales will keep the economy of this country going in the long term.

I watched 'Newsnight' the other day and they had some financial experts discussing the recession. Pretty much saying that the UK banking industry has gone past it's boom time (yep..I get that), which in itself was aggrevating the economic situation here (clocked that too). One 'expert' actually thought that London was in serious shite (due to it having an over reliance on the banks to keep it's economy going). I dunno...I don't really understand all about 'pretendy stuff going round in circles' to me. The plus side, if there is one, is that the experts felt this was a time of 'GREAT OPPORTUNITY' for graduates and wanna be entrepeneurs to save the day. (I am guessing with technological innovations????). Over optimistic...quite possibly but as Delboy would say "He who dares, wins"...or possibly "He who managed to scam the system out of millions (and got away with it), has already done very nicely"

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