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Sunday, 11 January 2009

Prince Harry, Eli Stone and Ted (The Count) Hankey

That was my Sunday in a nutshell form


I was going to write something about His Royal Geezerness - appropriation of his turn of phrase and for it to be shared with the world at a time when it is likely to up the anti Brit campaign - but that would deffo be stating the obvious. I can't be doing with the Royals so this is one more faux pas for me to add into my reasons to dislike them even more. I do wonder if his army pals call him "The ponce who pretends to be one of us" (behind his back)!!!!

I discovered the delights of Eli Stone..which is an American series about a lawyer with a blood clot which makes him have visions. Yep, it quite similar to Ali McBeal. I liked that too. I watched 4 episodes (3 back to back and then the final episode of series one). Think I am hooked..and is not like there is much else worth watching on tv on Sundays.

Popped round Dad's with his post treck washing. Still in the tentative camp with him and trying to get to point of acceptance of whatever is going on. Not easy but rolling with it as best I can. I invited him to watch the darts final at my place but he wasn't up to it. I don't understand why (I think way too complex for me...or too simple)....but that is something else I have to accept.

Came home and Dr J cooked me dinner. We haven't seen each other since he blew a gasket and smashed a mug in the hall...whilst Suki was sitting (trying to avoid the line of fire) there. I thought it best we had a cooling off period and it hasn't been an easy weekend trying to get back to anything like a comfortable place but we are trying (again). What else can a couple of misfits, who have a warped but deep emotional connection to each other, do?

And the darts final was brilliant. My favourite (The Wolf Man) got knocked out in the semi's. I was half rooting for Tony O'Shea who put up a pretty good fight but lost to Ted Hankey. That was fair enough..he was the best player.

I know this has all been pretty bland, basic, stuff but it is how my day has been..minus the too-ings and fro-ings that go on inside my head. If I wrote about them in would be pages and pages of twisted stuff and I actually don't need or want to share that here and now.

Final note. I have only taken one lozee today. Not bad considering I have been spending alot of time in heavy sedation city lately.

This is my song of the day...because when I was writing about Dr J and me..this song sprung into my head:


  1. Hi Mandy
    Hope you are ok. I'm glad you have kind of patched stuff up with Dr J. Hopefully that will be the last of his tantrums. well done on the Lozes front
    Did you arrange meeting between your Dad's CC and you?
    Take Care
    Lareve x

  2. I hope things continue to work out for you and Dr J.

    Btw, I'm no fan of the royals (can't even bring myself to give them a capital letter!) but I think the whole "racism" thing is the usual self-righteous media hype.

    Best wishes

  3. I only like the royals for the comedy value of them. I'm not sure they even serve much of a purpose at all. I suppose there is always the tourist value, but lord knows they seem to cost us more in bad publicity than they bring in income! Great choice of track BTW

    Lola x

  4. Hi Lareve

    Am alive...not digging the soar mouth though as I think the doc might refer me to the dentist and not only am I phobic as hell about them but I have no spare coffers to pay to be brutalised

    Still working on the meeting. Saw Dad's CC (in a car park) so asked her if we could organise one. She said she will talk to Dad tomorrow about it. x

  5. Yeah Robert,

    3 years after the event is a bit fishy but even so he was a plank and most probably still is. :>)

  6. Thanks Lola

    I know what you mean about the comedy aspect...

    Bring back Spitting Image, I say. Sure that programme is needed now more than ever x