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Wednesday, 27 May 2009

I have got past caring as to why, I just want it to stop

Pits of a day yesterday. Had tried to rally on through the migraines with the wafer thingies but 5 days of migraines were enough to have me waving a white flag.

I rang Dad. That is how desperate I felt. He came round. I didn't expect him to...I wasn't acting rationally I was panicking too much.

The outcome was that a friend got me to an emergency appointment with GP (I was tanked up on lozees for fear of puking in the car).

GP has given me a prescription for stronger med to take when the migraines come along with sachets of an asparin/something else mix. To be honest, I would drink a pint of washing up liquid if I thought it would help.

The chemist didn't have it in stock but Dad needs to get some shopping today, so we will walk round there later. At present, and on advice of chemist, am taking 400mg of Ibuprofen.

All I want to do is sleep..and have alot of it. If the GP is right, that is what I will get because she reckons it will zonk me out.

It could be stress. It could be anything really. I had been getting various advice from different people. Dad was all for calling an ambulance (bit extreme). Another friend thought it could be high blood pressure, Dr J simply said "It isn't right and needs looking into".I kept thinking a blood vessel had burst in my head. Whatever, I just want the migraines to stop and if I can sleep for a few days, all well and good.

Needless to say I didn't get to the dentist. That is back in pending file (along with other plans I had made). Right now, one day free of a migraine is what I am aiming for.


  1. I feel really bad for you Mandy when you're suffering like this. I truly hope that the painkillers will help you. On this occassion the dentist really wasn't a consideration, some other time maybe. Just wanted to wish you well and send my love, and hope that you feel a whole lot better very soon indeed. xxxxx

  2. Sorry to hear you're feeling so grotty. I hope it gets better sooner than soon. Dx

  3. I really hope the new med helps and you get some rest and reprieve - it sounds like utter misery
    Take care x x

  4. Eeek Mandy, hope this lifts for you soon. Just wondered if you get this kind :-

    Anyway take care hun and get rested.

    Love Jane xxx

  5. Cofeecup

    Yesterday morning was having more negative reincorcement from not going to dentist...think that goes with the territory (know it does).

    It is a case of getting through this best as so not piling more pressure on myself.

    Am aiming for one migraine free day and will take things from there.


  6. Hi D

    Me too.

    Am not staying long on blogland so apologies for not checking out youi postins. Will cath up when things settle a bit.


  7. Hi Werehorse and thanks for your kind thoughts.

    I was very depressed yesterday but at least there were justifiable reasons. Cried buckets which helped, sort of.

    The anti sickenss/asparin mix is helping but not sure about the other medication because it has an alarming warning on it that it can cause sudden cronic pains in the chest. The thought of that on top of a migraine isn't helpful.

    Guess I just have to trial and error though this.

    You take care too xx

  8. thanks Jane

    Will check out the link as any knowledge and ideas about dealing with migraines are worth a look.

    Going to sign off now because vision is blurry and pc use isn't condusive to easing migraines.

    Hope to catch up soon. xx

  9. Migraines are no fun I speak from past experiences, altho' I was a Dentist, before a Doctor wrecked my life, and I used to make occlusal splints for migraine sufferers

    worked sometimes is all I can say.
    take care Mandy and positive thoughts beam from this sunny part of wales. That doctor I mentioned must be bending over as he thinks the sun shines out of his ass.


  10. Hi Alyn

    An Oclusal Splint? Will check out link.

    I don't think any of the meds are helping so perhaps something like that might help.

    As for the doctor... you mentioned...all I can say is that he must have a massive backside because the sun is beaming here. :>)

    altho' migraines are no laughing matter, I wish you the bestest.