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David Cameron gets to be God!

Tuesday, 19 May 2009

The saviour of democracy or someone fighting to save his own arse?

Messiah of the week has to be Michael Martin. I know the bloke is clinging on to the ropes, having taken a beating from MPs (who will do anything to get 'The Telegraph' of their backs..wishful thinking chaps and chappesses).

However, he should have thought more about how animals behave in packs whilst he was climbing the tree of political success . For some reason I am thinking of CJ ..the original Reggie Perrin character...saying "I didn't get where I am today by staying put and being the boy from the collery works" Being alpha male...well of a sorts..takes some getting to and the pack will turn, when the alpha male is no longer able to deliver what they want. The pack will turn because, in times of crisis, they will bite any one of the pack that it suits their purpose to bite.

At the moment the Labour pack aren't openly taking chunks out of Gordon Brown but they will (behind the scenes, the arse of his trousers are missing).

Back to Mr Martin...someone should have reminded him that sometimes it is better to keep your gob shut..rather than accuse others of enouraging the media (wrongly) to seek transparency from the government.

I think transparency should be there. A fundamental principal that governance is based on.It shouldn't be the media's job to hunt it out but if nobody else can, then I feel there is justification for the media to do so.

There is an opportunity for change here..maybe it will all amount to nothing really. The public will be outraged for a while...the politicians will make promises. A body will be set up and then after a while the rot will set back in but it is an opportunity for the public to be heard and for some change (that makes a real difference) to take place.

David Cameron is asking for parliament to be dissolved. Drastic but seems quite appropriate, although I can't help thinking it will play to his political advantage rather than being what is in the public's best interest. I think the public should be able to decide whether or not parliament should be dissolved, in a democracy. Whatever happens Mr Cameron is setting himself up as the new Alpha male. Alpha female...nowhere in sight.


  1. How would you care for a return of that Alpha female Margaret Thatcher.......or the likes thereof?

  2. Oh dear you seem to have upset a New Labour Uber Alles type there Mand , we have a few of those in this neck of the woods too, you know , the selectively principled and shrill ' Criticising New Labour is a vote for the BNP ' etc. etc. etc. when if people vote for extremist parties at the Euro Elections and thereafter its going to be precisely because New Labour's policies have been so dire and socially divisive .

    Which brings me back to Mr Martin....or ' Gorbals Mick' as he prefers not to be called.

    I dont see him as an Alpha male at all, he's more of a ferocious poodle who was flattered , a bit like Two Bogs Prescott, well beyond his mental ability to bark and yap to keep people in line for his handlers.

    I did feel a bit sorry for Mr Martin as a human being as I watched his brief resignation speech but these people arent very empathetic themselves are they? and I just had to remember him bearing his teeth and straining on his jewelled leash a week or so ago while threatening to bring down the full weight of the state on whoever had leaked the expenses information to the media to remind myself that he probably deserved more pity for being a cowardly grasping bully than for his unprecedented Parliamentary fate.

    As for his working class credentials, he's like a lot of other working class MP's who've set off for Parliament with good intentions but mislaid them and any real willingness to help people from the same background on the way there.

    As for Gordon...he's even going to struggle to get by on the after dinner spiel circuit. I mean, whats his party piece going to be?'How I Got to Run the Country , Ruin the Economy and throw Parliament into a Complete Constitutional Fucking Shambles without one Person Ever Voting For Me'.

    One word says it all....


  3. Anon

    Not much...but the likes of a woman who doesn't view herself as having to be acting like a man would be rather good.

    Problem is it has been a man's world for quite some time and successful women often emulate all the naff things that men have done to succeed in order to succeed themselves.

    Why can't the mould be broken?

  4. Hi Norm

    I am not sure if Anon is New Labour or not. I can't presume on what they have written..

    They haven't actually given that much away about their political stance. Which is there choice but if you are going to comment on what someone else has written (and in their own name) then I think people should have the guts to write what their principals are in regards to governance.

    I don't mind people disagreeing with me. I don't mind people saying what I write is shite but a bit of counter balance with some substance would be more akin to exchanging views in the real sense of the meaning.

    I don't feel sorry for Mr Martin, he played the game and in the end got caught up in it. I am hoping that those in parliament doing similar get voted out.

  5. Snouts in troughs comes to mind with these individuals.Mr Martin is turning into Teflon as we speak !

  6. Teflon. Ha! ha! That is classic, Sis.

  7. Actually Mandy I nicked from years ago when there was another mp in trouble.All I remember is that he was called 'Teflon Tony'! Don't think it refers to Mr Blair, though could be wrong. Might need to google and get back to you.

    Love Sis/Jane (Might aswell use real name now as I did in error other day on here !) xxxx

  8. Oooh appears was Mr Blair !

  9. I get it Jane,

    As in nothing sticks to Teflon...I think that theory is being challenged now although can't help thinking that Blair got out in an attempt to avoid being embroiled in the mess (alot of which he should take responsiblity for but he won't).

    No one man or woman could be responsible for all the crap...just like no one person will be responsible for resolving it but all it could be a few decent people making a stand that makes all the difference.

    I really like the idea of Esther Rantzen being the MP for Luton. Okay so some would see her as a celeb but I see her more as someone who has taken action in the past that has made positive differences to people's lives.

    That could be naievity on my part but I'd rather her than the MP who is in place now. She has already been talking to people in the town, I hope the passion and commitment remains in her.

  10. Yeah I spotted Esther on the news last night and wondered what you thought. I will give her her dues she does appear to care for others, which cannot be said for those MP's with snouts in the trough ! To my shame I was drooling over David Cameron rather a lot on the Party Political Broadcast aswell.Yeah I know the Cons and him are just as bad all round, but actually found it amusing when he fired back his comment at Gordon Brown in the commons yesterday that GB admitted Labour will lose the next general election ! GB always strikes me as if he is sleepwalking. I am hoping Mr Cameron isn't going to be another Tony Blair,somehow I think he will be.I can see the similarities between the 1997 landslide victory and now !