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Friday, 22 May 2009

The All Clear

Latest blood test results were back with GP and we discussed them. There wasn't that much to discuss really because they were fine. My potassium levels are 4.2 (which is normal) and my thyroid levels are 16 (which is 4 points higher than last time and normal) so if I am happy to go on Lithium, my body is able enough to take it.

That got me in a bit of a quandry really. Do I actually want to go on Lithium? That is the most serious issue of all...and in all honesty the answer is "No". I am very scared of nasty side effects. I am sure there are people who get the nasty side effects but accept them because, for them, the positives outweigh the negatives and I think that is fair enough. It is everyone's decision to make for themselves. The problem is that there doesn't seem to be anything else (or I have tried everything else..with no real positive outcomes). I have a month's grace in which to research for myself and then go to psychiatrist with an answer. Ho hum!

Another concern is if I choose not to take Lithium will I be seen as a 'bad puppy' who doesn't want to get better? Will refusing medication mean The Trust will no longer want to provide any support service to me? Perhaps I am pre-judging them harshly but I am concerned that my STR worker will be withdrawn and she is of great benefit to me. I am still waiting to hear about the care worker. I will ask my care co-ordinator about that today, when she comes to see me. At my CPA review meeting I was told that I would be seeing someone alternate weeks to help get me out and about and that hasn't come to pass yet.

I think I have made pretty good progress, with support of Dr J and friends when they have been around but a more customised support programme (befitting my needs) hasn't come to pass.

I could ask (again) about Direct Payments because the theory is that you can then use the money for something specific to your needs. For example, I could ask for a payment for somebody's time to take me swimming or to relaxation classes or yoga. None of my friends want to do any of these things. I will put that to my care co-ordinator today, although she hates anything to do with paperwork. I guess if she is unhappy with the paperwork I could discuss it with the psychiatrist at my next appointment. See if they can provide me with an application form and an advice line I can ring if I need support.

Meanwhile, back at GPs spoke to her about the tennis elbow which is bulging more and am getting muscle spasms with it, on top of the pain. She doesn't think having a cortizone, or is it cortisone?, injection is a good idea...and certainly not yet. She has prescribed me an anti inflammatory gel and advised me to use that with the arm band. If there is no improvment in a month she will refer me to a specialist. Fair enough. I really need to mow my lawn. I have plans. I want to set up a DIY beehive (thanks to Coffee Cup for links to helpful site) in the garden and buy some large pots and put flowers in for the bees. At present, I can't carry anything using my left is in the pending file but hoping not for too long.

It has been agreed to keep me on the wafter thingies for the migraines. The migraines had subsided but due to arrival of joys of womanhood have been back with avengeance. Such is life.

So am resting up..which is all you can do when the migraines come and hopefully things will pick up over the weekend. Which is supposed to bring the hottest weather so far this year. I really want to get in the garden....hmmmmmmmmmm...perhaps I should just go for it with the lawn mower??? Will think on that and see how I feel on the day.


  1. What's the big deal about lithium? I can't imagine any particular reason why you shouldn't at least try it. Perhaps if you were worried that they might make you stay on it, but that doesn't seem to be the case.

  2. Hi madandwild

    The big deal about Lithium is me :>)

    My track record with psychiatric medications has been grim. Some people have high tolerance (and don't seem to get bad side effects and some react badly. I am in the latter.

    Some people, as I wrote earlier, get bad side effects but pitted against the symptoms of their illness are the lesser of 2 evils.

    In fairness, it isn't just psychiatric medications, with me. I can't take strong pain killers either.

    I also think there is a justified argument that I have now built up a barrier with medications (due to previous) I tend to be worrying about side effects before I even take anything.

    I might just bite the bullet...but I might just not..and I might have my arm forced if the psychiatrist starts getting 'overly concerned' about my indefinate use of lorazepam. I appreciate any concerns they have. I often share them.

    Whatever happens it won't be ideal but the best under the circumstances