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Tuesday, 5 May 2009

The one really good thing about the Labour Party and something they got so very wrong

A friend of mine (who Twitters) said that the PM's wife twitters too and she has been reading the updates. The latest being that Mrs Brown always travels economy class to save tax payers' money (well more of it than other high profile politicians' hubbies and wives).

I am mostly ambivalent about Mrs Brown but feel that is more appropriate than what I felt about Mrs Blair. As in I don't think the spouse or partner of a leading politician is any business of mine...only when they start frauding the system. However, I have warmed to her on the basis that she isn't some 'celeb' style media hogging hag and that in the main she seems to leave the politics to her husband (which is actually his job).

So for me, she is ,at present, the only decent thing attached to a government which (from various accounts I am getting) is going to lose the next election and considering I am ambivalent about her that ain't saying much. Maybe I am not that ambivalent because I bothered to write about her. Ha! Ha!

And so I come to the yang of my yin in regards to people I admire. In tv world it has to be Jeremy Paxman. I like his bluntness and tenacity. Perhaps some of that is exaggerated when dealing with politicians but like to think that it is mostly how he is.

I also adored Miranda Richardson as "Queenie" in 'Black Adder because the portrayal was sublime.

Heading away from tvland and back to my reality - I admire Em's Nan for being a loving and compassionate constant (steady as she goes) in both Em's and my life. Despite having an ex husband who was the local bike (I nicknamed him 'Chopper' for all the wrong reasons). She is proof that women can make it on their own and bring up a child, in their middle to old age without taking sides or making the natural mother feel like an utter shite (I was capable of doing that by myself) in the process.

And back to what is so wrong about The Labour Party. A story in 'The News of The World'. ANOTHER newspaper, not normally bothered with. Then again, I don't respect any newspaper these days...only the odd story with the odd truth.

It lead with the headline "NHS execs collar £2.6bn" and went on to describe how bosses are now outnumbering consultants (and midwives!!!!)

The article provided a league table of shame and it was no surprise to me to find Beds and Luton MH Partnership Trust at the bottom...I mean the top that is in fact the bottom!!!... with 8.5% (7 million quid) of its total budget being spent on 'desk-jockeys' , with chief executive Paul Mullen who was on a handsome £115,000 a year. Sadly, they haven't kept up with the times as the Trust now has an acting CEO, although have to wonder if his salary is more or less than his predecessor.

I can remember writing that there will come a time (and not too far into the distant future) where the chiefs would outnumber the Indians. Well, it has come round too fekkin' soon and this is one of the reasons why I won't be voting Labour next time around.

I was going to vote Tory because of my local MP and as a protest vote but sorry to say that all my MP seems to be doing is writing letters to CEO's that they treat with utter contempt. ...resolving fekk all for my Dad and myself. As for a protest vote..well....I don't want more of the same (only with a different spin). I am most likely to turn up on voting day and write "Same shit, different names" on my voting slip. Okay, so only me and the adjudicating peoples will know but I am not going to vote for anyone who will change so little that is wrong and pretend so much that they will.

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