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Sunday, 24 May 2009

Something for the weekend - apart from migraines

Had intended to go and stay with Dr J yesterday. Got as far as the local shops and then the pain the neck and pulsating head kicked in. Migraines aren't nice at the best of times but when you are out (on your own) they are scary.

Daft mare that I am, had forgot to put a wafer thingy in my bag so was a trauma getting home and the nausea was pretty bad this time. After I had been sick, I then bawled my eyes out. Think that was the release after all the pressure.

Sometimes, things all boil up (not always evident from where) and I think that caused my migraine yesterday. I wasn't that surprised to get one. They are a regular occurance along with the joys of womanhood (both of which I could do without) and I have been getting migraines alot this week.

Maybe I shouldn't have tried to venture out but I had felt quite uppy. Actually, on reflection, I was pretty manic yesterday morning. From getting up it was doing this and that. Finishing off cards at 7.00 am, doing a load of washing, some dancing to music, cleaning kitchen floor. Too much too soon!

One thing that migraines do is slow you down....and when I have taken the wafer, even more so.

I vegged out for a while. Then thought I didn't want the day totally wasted so mowed the lawn. Perhaps that was a bit silly but I needed to challenge myself. To know I could do something. Was completely exhausted after that so slept through till the evening.

The positive is I can now sit out in the garden again and, depending on how hot and sunny it gets, might well do that today.

I got the new Pet Shop Boys CD and have been playing it this morning. The more I hear it, the more I like it.This is my favourite track and, for me, it is PSB doing what they do best:


  1. Enjoy the gardening hun, are you and Dr J ok now?

  2. Hi Lareve,

    Has been a bit of a Willy Wonka without the Chocolate Factory Day.

    I think there is a level of mania inside. Had this constant buzzing in the head and energy that came in bursts and had to do stuff and then feeling really tired (for all of 5 minutes) then back to the buzzing.

    Have decided to go with it and am doing a trawl of Pet Shop Boys songs on Youtube. It is a PSB Day.

    In fact, I have one to add to this blog because it is the bizz. Hits the spot when I feel like this.

    Dr J (hmmm). He's having a close encounter with several bottles of cider. Neither of us can handle the other at the mo'. We are in phone communications and that is as good as it can get until one/either of us is better placed in ourselves to get back on thet bus and bumpety bump along the road.

    Okay off to add the video now.

    Will give you a buzz, some point..soon


  3. That PSB's beat is probably much needed undemanding distraction when crushing headache is thumping away , there are a fair few decent PSB tunes too so get up and boogey but dont overdo it and try to get as much rest as you can over rest of the long weekend too.