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Monday, 18 May 2009

On the Campaign Trail...straggling well behind

I got the campaign leaflet from the Tories. It reminded me that I have 4 votes in the upcoming local elections. Wow! I feel spoilt.

The councillor for my ward is a Tory (and I think has quite a strong hold). He seems to be popular. There has been some re-generation funding here but nothing that means much to me. It all seems to be for young families and after school clubs (which is good but doesn't cater for the whole community). Anything for old people is run by the church and that pretty much consists of a Monday lunch club.

The only thing in his campaign spiel that I related to was the push to get a local post office back. I miss having a local post office because is a trek into town when I need to go there. Not sure how the older members of this community have coped without the post office but they have had no choice.

I want to be part of the democratic process..although the loony vote doesn't count for much (unless you are of some use in a government reform campaign) so I have written to the councellor. Basically asking about 'care in the community' whatever happened to it.

I will write to all the candidates (who bother to send me a leaflet with their contact details). Dependant on whether I get responses and what the responses are..I will then decide which box(es) to put my 'X' in.

That's as fair as I can get.


  1. Now that is a good plan Mandy. I hope you get some decent answers.

    Sorry this is a bit short but am at risk of proscrastinating.

    Take care sweetie

    Love Jane

  2. I reckon the model to aim at for all of us is Richard Taylor but alas we haven't got one of those in our constituency. :-(

  3. The model to aim for is looking out for each other to avoid that last lurch into the Big Brother state.


  4. Ello playmates,

    The model I am aiming for is a lifesize chocolate replica of Johnny Borrell. :>)

    I hear Esther Ranzen wants to stand as an Independant candidate in Luton (against Margaret Moran). Go Esther!!!!

  5. There was a time , a growing up with That's Life time long shrouded in mist now, when a lifestyle halva model of Esther Rantzen would have had me slobbering in me flares and platforms.

    I'd definitely vote for our Esther as I think her work with Childline shows she has a heart. I think she'd be better off staying out of politics though as its a really rotten to the core profession .