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Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Good Time...Yes, I had one

Get the party poppers out and it's jelly and ice cream all round (c'ept for those who don't like jelly and ice cream).

Strange innit? The bringer of doom writing that she had a good time but it's true. I know cos I was there.

When I woke up yesterday was very jittery about going out and more so about where I was going. Dr J was taking me to the flix. I haven't been to the flix for ages and I haven't been to Luton (doing anything social) for quite some time either. I thought that I might be challenging myself too much but there are times when you have to try to know where the limits are ...particularly as I am a person who seems to be in biggie type flux and/or stressed to fekk alot of the time.

I sat about procrastinating for a couple of hours. Mostly doing stuff on the internet but when I checked the clock at 10.00 am thought it was time to get my backside in gear. From then on things happened...positive things.

I walked to the hairdresser's (for my free wash and blow dry) was very lively in there. One woman was having a trial run of her wedding day hairdo and another loud and proud woman was taking over the place with her anecdotes. She said I looked like Magenta Divine. I think that is her name. The lady who used to present a music programme. I could see why...the black bob hair do, shades and aging punk gear but Ms Divine is about 6 foot tall and 9 stone the similarities were more to do with how I accessorised my body. Anyway, I was happy to be 'included' in all the banter and with hair looking good walked into Dunstable.

Before I go on, want to clarify that the sunglasses aren't there to try and make myself look hip....I got some prescription shades to try and prevent migraines. Overall, I think they are working (but later in taxi on way back from all the jollies, the driver asked me if I always wear sunglasses....I thought that was a bit of a funny question but have been asked funnier ones).

So I got to Dunstable and met up with Dr J and we got a bus to Luton. Another first in a long time. Apart from getting stressy because the driver waited 20 minutes before he decided it was time to move on, was fine. Enjoyed the journey and didn't get wiry as more people got on the bus.

We went shopping. Well, I went shopping and Dr J came too. He hates it but because I had some birthday money pretended he was okay with that. I didn't go in many shops. Usually is better for me to shop when I know what I want. In the end, I bought a retro bag from a market stall and have decided to keep the rest of the money until I want something in particular.

We walked to The Galaxy Centre and bought the tickets. We had planned to see 'Star Trek'.The next showing was 2 hours later and so we decided to see 'Angels and Demons' instead and then we went off for munchies.

I won't pan the film because I was enjoying the experience of being in the cinema and didn't want to ruin that. It turned out not to be my cup of tea. The trailer for 'Dillinger' (Johnny Depp as lead) looked good but that could be because Mr Depp looks good. Putting it on the 'To See List'.

We came out of the cinema around 7.30 and were both knackered so I treated us to a taxi home. Dr J had paid for the tickets and meals so fairsees sharesees.

In the taxi we were mellowed out...I said that we'd both done really well (that most probably sounds an odd thing to have said but for the pair of us was no small achievement). Dr J said that he nearly lost it in the pub when people were too loud...for him. (When people talk loudly he thinks they are talking about him). I had noticed he was getting paranoid at the time but thought best to let him roll with it rather than intervene. I have learnt not to say anything because he then thinks I am picking on him. He worked it through and that was that and the rest of the day was blip free.

Nothing more to add because the actions spoke for themselves.


  1. Fantastic stuff! I'm really sooo happy for you Mandy. That was a full on day for sure. You must feel great!! :-)

  2. Thanks CC

    I feel I made achievements. Sadly, the joys of womanhood have arrived and knocked stuffing out of me so have had to downsize my life again... until I feel better.

    It's peaks and troughs but I am getting some peaks and that'll do for me.