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Monday, 1 June 2009

Bit annoying being miceless. 3 days, No migraine - utterly priceless

Had decided to give the computer a break...mostly in attempt to cut as many aggrevations to migraine out as possible. My arm was forced more by the fact that my mouse went and died (RIP). It was a blessing because it meant I couldn't use computer and I most probably would have if I could (whatever resolution I made). I'm too damn contrary for my own good.

So's I haven't been about and it hasn't done me any harm. I have missed keeping up with people's blogs but it made me focus on other stuff.

Has been a good weekend for me. Headache was still loitering but I thought "Knickers to that, gotta keep on".

Friday night was first time I have felt anything more than foul for over a week. Em and her fella came over. Rob mowed my front lawn while I caught up on Em's goss. Then we went and got chips and took them to Dad's. We played a different version of Scrabble...the one where you can add words that sound like real words (whatever the spelling). Scrabble can be such a serious game and for someone like me (who bores easy) it can become a chore. Anyway, fun was had by all and even Dad joined in the spirit of the game. He's usually a stickler for rules.

Saturday, I was all ants in my pants. Got up feeling I had to do something but wasn't sure what. So I headed off to the garden with radio and book ('If You Could See Me Now' by Cecilia Ahern). Suki followed, not long after. I decided to do some DIY reflexology with a mix of almond oil and jasmine (I read somewhere that foot massages are good for migraine) certainly helped relax me.

I rang Dad and invited him round to watch the FA cup final at mine but he was 'having a lazy day'. Dr J turned up around 1 ish. I went and got some munchies in for the match and cake for the Sunday ritual. Match was okay. When Everton scored that was the highlight...for me. I wanted them to win but was not to be.

Dr J wanted to watch 'Britain's Got Talent' final. I agreed. Normally, he has to watch it On Demand when I have gone to bed but I wasn't bothered about watching it. I have got past the 'all these programmes should be sent to the dumpster' attitude. If people wanna watch it, then fair enough. I don't have to. There are other things to watch, listen to or do instead. I get quite pissed off by Matthew Wright on his programme. He constantly makes jibes about it and quotes "Just because something is popular it doesn't mean it's right".. I think as a quote it is fair enough (remember the Natzis) but he isn't the God of TV and people do have choices about what they watch (well, to a certain degree). Nothing on TV is compulsory viewing. anyway, I watched it with Dr J. It was okay-ish. I wasn't blown away by any of the finalists. I had a bit of a laugh at 'Stavros Flatley' but more because of the name and I thought 'Diversity' were the best act but not because the competition was that hot. They were good (even had some humour in their act) but I can't say I would want to watch them that much and then all the fuss was over and done and the insides of my tummy were still on the inside. Bonus and I didn't feel like an hour of my life had been robbed. :>) Can't remember much else of Saturday so will move on to Sunday.

I got up early and spent an hour reading my book and then got the washing on. Dr J arose around 10 ish and was watching a Sunday news programme. Our prime minister non elect was prattling on about the need to do something about the corruption in parliament. I thought "Erm yeah..good when are you actually going to start!" It hasn't become boring (it should never be a bore to know how corrupt our politicians are) but more a case of procrastination prevents change and leaves me wondering why we have a government at all right now. Actually, I think we have a government in name only.

So I did some channel hopping and found a Bob Marley concert via the On Demand menu. Am really liking the On Demand menu!!!!

Whilst the concert was on got ready and then we walked to town. Dr J was going to buy me a new mouse and we had planned a Chinese meal at one of the buffet restaurants.

It was blinding hot and after getting Dad's shopping and new (shiny shiny) mouse we were flaking so popped into the pub. I don't much like town pubs but was relieved to have an ice cold lemonade whilst Dr J knocked back a pint.

Was too hot for a Chinese we went to a cafe where we could sit outside. I had a feck off all day veggie breakfast and Dr J had sausages and mash....washed down with more cold drinks. Then we taxi'd. home.

Had a bit of a rest and then went round Dad's for cake and Scrabble. Dad was quite upbeat, which made up for me (I was pretty knackered out). I rallied and enjoyed the game but was glad to get home and doss out.

So that was my weekend and it went alot better than it could have and for that I am grateful (not sure to what or whom..simply grateful).


  1. Mandy !
    Am so pleased to hear you've had good weekend and Migraines subsided a fair bit. Is good that Dr J has been out and about with you and your Dad has been upbeat.

    Somehow I have managed to delete you comment on my new blog, when infact was supposed to publish ! Ooops. Will email you in a mo !

  2. No worries Sis,

    At least I found your new blog.

    Does this mean you won't be using the old one anymore?

    Catch up soon x

  3. Hi Mandy
    Your weekend sounds much better than recent ones for you.

    Have read that book its good read.

    Dr J behaving himself? hope so. fingers crossed on the migraine front.x

  4. Hi Lareve

    Was a really good weekend.

    Had bit of trauma today. Friend couldn't afford to get her car taxed and so I had to taxi to Luton and back by myself to get Suki's ticker tablets. I did it but confess to being OVER MEDICATED.

    Dr J is being a peach. He would have come to vets but had to stay at his as someone from the pub needed their pc fixed.

    Glad you enjoyed the book. Is quite different to what I usually read, which is a bonus. Change being as good as a rest.

    Talking of heading off for an afternoon kip.

    Will buzz you later..when more savvy xx

  5. Hi Mandy

    Not intending to use old blog, but leaving it running for time being !

  6. Hi Anon

    Whatever rocks your boat :>)

  7. Oh right! Anon

    Just got it..

    Mum's the word

  8. Lol,Ok for the third time ! I am having probs signing in and leaving a comment with my new user account on here !
    So truth is I am not Anon !

    Love Jane x