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Saturday, 9 May 2009


Am just about to write a letter to Dad's Social Worker letting her know how happy I am!!!!

Now what to do with the 165 million quid? I can invest it although think it might be safer to build another room in my flat to keep it in. I can go on a world cruise....Even better I can buy a cruise liner. Obviously, I will have to move because you can't keep 165 million quiet on a council estate (and not with the sort of media attention I am going to get). Perhaps I could have plastic surgery to change my appearance so nobody knows it is me, anymore.

Definatley going to build a customised care home for Dad with 24/7 care staff (and form filling is banned). He loves the sea so would build another one there for him. I think I would satisfy myself with an annexe, in each..after all I will have the cruise liner....and be busy sussing out the seven (and many other) wonders of the world most of the time.

Em's uni costs are to be sorted and if she still wants to do an MA in a year, she will have the choice..which she hasn't got now. Of course, she will have a new car and so on but don't want her doing a Paris Hilton. I want her most loyal friends to be other than the canine variety.

There's the charity in which ones to donate to. OOOOH! I know which ones I won't donate to. In fact, think I will use a big chunk of the money and go on the Secret Millionaire tv show and give it to those warm and fluffy people who haven't got a pot to piddle in but are nurturing their communities. Actually, I'm going to invest in some serious research on where the money has already gone in regards to charities and then make my decisions but young carers will do alright by me.

I would sue the local MH Trust and it wouldn't matter what their lawyers threw at me, which would rectify the balance of power somewhat (the power being where the money is). In fact, i would offer hefty legal support for anyone who has been damaged by neglect..and I reckon that would be the money gone. can't take it with you when you go!


  1. If only hun hey, I wish you had won it, but taking it to be tongue in cheek. Popping by on my weekend leave. Bet they would return your calls at Luton bed mental health trust then. And expect a piece of the pie for all the care they've provided over the years. ha.

  2. dearest mandy
    so you have a dream - why not - and i do so admire you for you for your untiring ability to make us laugh while suffering so much pain. i can dream too so hoping that some caring lawyer or rich philanthropist will read this blog and make it possible for you to sue the bastards!!!

    lots of love


  3. Ha, ha Mandy good tongue in cheek !

    Take care

    Love Sis x

  4. Paul Mullen's Mistress9 May 2009 at 22:04


    Use your winnings to buy out Bedford and Luton Partnership Trust and sack the friggin lot of them!

  5. Ah Mandy, my guardian angel! Can you pay the taxman for me? Oh thanks, (kisses hem of garment).

    Seriously, super post. Dripping with sarcasm and shining with goodness.

    (I mean that 'goodness' in the real sense, obviously!)

    Take care, and thanks for making me smile today with it.


  6. Hallo lovelies

    Am going to do a kinda communal response because is too early and (being honest) am too tired to reply know how I ramble on (drone drone.

    Great to see you back blogging Lareve. Long long time no postings :>)

    Margaret...the problem with someone else giving me their money is they (I assume) would dictate what I did with it. Fekk that, I have a mission to complete.

    Sis..if you can't beat them, well at least you can take the piddle out of them.

    Mr Mullen's Mistress...did it all go pair shaped for you star crossed lovers when he did the offski from the Trust? The guy who took over appears to have drowned in it all...which saves me having to do the honours starboard side of my liner.

    Have I overstepped the mark at all? I do hope so!!!!!

    D....there's a song that when a good girl goes bad, she's gone forever. Only I was gone years ago

    P.S. Once I've stocked on wigs..because you can never have too many wigs...what's left you can use to pay off the tax man.

    kisses are for all