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Friday, 22 May 2009

Update on Direct Payments etc

Had visit from care co-ordinator.

Care co-ordinator is very positive about an application for Direct Payments. She does see the benefit in having someone whose time is dedicated to supporting me to attend therapeutic activities.

As discussed at last CPA review, the STR worker's remit does not fit my needs and my needs don't fit within her remit. I think I have been lucky to have had a year of her time. No I am not going soft, I just acknowledge that she has provided support (in the absence of) above her job description.

This, hopefully, will be resolved when the new care worker is in place. Still pending as they haven't found the right person for the job yet. Until that time (and when/if I get a Direct Payment) I will be seeing STR worker every other week.

Today's visit will be the last one. Care co-ordinator is moving on to another team. Actually, we had a more personal discussion about family needs and having to adapt jobs (in my case it was rather different) in order to be there for children.

I, due to prolonged bout of illness, had to give up work but it was the best thing I could have done. Not only for my sanity (such as it is) but so I could support Em in a more emotional and constructive way and help her (best as) with her education. If I had to pick one thing I have done right in my life. It was having that time with Em and being able to focus on her needs.

I felt we really connected today. Woman to woman. Weird that it happened as she was moving on but better late than never.

So until the new care co-ordinator is in situe, I will be co-ordinated (maybe not the best term for it) by one of the social workers. I don't have a problem with that. Before she goes my care co-ordinator is going to discuss an application for Direct Payments with them..and see how to get the ball rolling.

Yep, we discussed Lithium. I explained how totally spooked I am by the thought of it..she understood and said is not easy to try something when everything else hasn't helped but to talk my concerns through at next meeting with psychiatrist and that I am likely to be put on a low dose and see how it goes... in the meantime, to try not to worry about it too much. Then we hugged. That was really sweet.

I wished her all the best and I meant it. I do hope that she gets a better work/life balance in her new job. Everyone who works should have that...and those of us hoping to work in the future should be looking to a time when that is a reality rather than a pipe dream.


  1. Hi Mandy

    Is a shame that your care coordinator managed to connect with you on her very last visit.Good luck with the social worker and the Direct Payments.Not to mention sorting out issues with Lithium.

    Take care
    Jane x

  2. Hi Jane

    I think it was because she was leaving she could be more honest with me about things..real life things.

    Am hoping the Direct Payments account to something (the application) in it isn't all hot air but if I get them they will really help.

    Know you are busy revising but feel free to drop me a line anytime.

    Love and hugs


  3. That myth of direct payments again hope it becomes reality,

    Struggling with the balance myself as still thinking of going back to work, hmm Yes I know. But I can't help feeling like I should.

  4. Hi Lareve

    I know. Perhaps I should call in The Mythbusters...see what they make of it all.

    Hmmmm....I'm still struggling with the life balance but I do have a dream of doing some work that I can sustain. Gotta have dreams.

    For now sussing out local craft fairs and the logistics of getting there and back is about all I am up to.

    I did manage to mow the back lawn today. I took extra loz and didn't feel that much pain.

    At least I can spend tomorrow out there with Suki and me book.

    Hope your weekend is going well.