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Sunday, 15 March 2009

Some Uppy Bits

Thanks to dropping 3 quarters of a loz before hand, popped to see Dad, with lunch and clean laundry, yesterday. We couldn't stay long because friend was feeling day progressed they got worse and we are putting it down to a virus.

Whilst there I got to look at cards Dad got for his birthday. Didn't get chance on his birthday as was pre-occupied with organising food and trying to stop Dad dropping it all over himself and then tidying up (whilst playing translator...Dad is 'mutton' so I end up having to tell him what people were saying). Anyway I digress, saw this and it hit the spot so asked if I could borrow it:

Recently, I have found other people demanding. Not necessarily because they are but because tolerating myself has been enough. It has been a week of trying to bunker down, best as, whilst not going over the edge. Avoided trip to A&E. Not sure whether (in the longer term) that will be beneficial to me but have survived that and also another missed appointment by Support Worker (who has gone off sick). Getting used to missed appointments now. It seems it is one week on and one week off with them.

Anyway, I managed to do a bit of a stonker of a fry up for tea(I don't care what they say about vege bacon, I like it)and looked after friend without feeling wired out and, whilst they zonked out, I caught up on housework (which had been the least of my worries and so ignored up until that point).

Watched 'Comic Relief' Dance Final, which was a hoot. Robert Webb was the worthy winner. In fact, he's very agile and funky. I still prefer him as 'Sir Digby' but he can flashdance for me anytime.

As a sort of disclaimer, although am not happy for charity money (and definately not mine) to be spent on MH quangos, was glad that enough money was raised to buy masses of mosquito nets and possibly lots of other life saving stuff for people in Africa as well as money for projects which help young carers (a cause close to my heart). Still not totally comfortable about it all and the self promotion, I think, celebs do but if it actually is making a real difference to people who live in Africa (in spite of chaotic governance, military/factional infighting and over-zealous religeous doctrine)..... and young carers are getting the support they need in the UK...then I see it as making a positive difference. I texted through a fiver, which, I hope, goes to a cause I believe in.


  1. Hi Mandy good to see you are having 'uppy' moments.I agree with you regarding the celeb role in charitee stuff ! I suppose at the very least is raising awareness. I do think that throwing money at Third World countries and all the Live Aid concerts etc is never going to sort the problems out there.Is a bottomless pit alas, but then I don't know what will sort it all out as long as there's dictatorships and drought, environmental disasters etc !That's not to say I'm against Comic Relief etc - just wish there was a majic and to sort it all. Oops gone on abit of a rant !

  2. Sis

    A bit of a rant is no bad thing. Gets it out of your system (for a while).

    Through my own scepticism, I hope that the million pounds Comic Relief says it going to spend on mosquito nets is spent on them and they get to their destination...and the knock on effect is that many lives will be saved. I fear, the bigger picture is bleaker because not only will all the infighting continue but environmental disasters are going to affect us all.... as well as the continual increase in world's population, whilst the Earth remains the same size it ever has.

    Ho hum, it makes Comic Relief a bit of a piddle in a massive ocean but better than not doing anything.

    Have some positive news on Dad's social care assessment but am not in mood for writing a blog post. Will catch up with you soon xx