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Monday, 23 March 2009

So you have a diagnosis...problem solved..erm

It ain't easy being a loony but then no-one ever said it would be!!!

Having read latest posting on the Last Psychiatrist's blog has got me to re-chundling. In itself, that is okay because false comfort is very little comfort in the long term. I mean that in relation to my impending trial on Lithium.

To say I am comfortable taking the Lithium would be an over statement, but it is about options and how well or unwell someone (namely me) remains without medication. Have to look at track records and it hasn't been a positive one. Then again track record on meds hasn't been that great either. Ho hum!

In this totally non ideal world it is looking at what can be done, in addition to any work I put in myself, to tick along best as.

Reason TLP's posting is relevant is because it is revisting issues around drugs trialling and the reports from pharma companies and how they use medical professionals to support them. When people start getting into the scientific nitty gritty, that is when I start getting a nosebleed but I gather enough info to clock that in the main, psychiatric medication is being sold under alot of false pretences. Perhaps that is the case for alot of meds. Dunno!

One of the comments was about Bipolar and the person wrote that unlike Manic Depression, which is a valid illness, Bipolar is now being used 'willy nilly' to classify people who are otherwise well and tickety boo'ing along. Could well be the case but I can't say either way (where is the evidence base?). As I've written before I don't have a problem with being diagnosed Manic Depressive or me it seems the closest diagnosis to the symptoms, states, behaviours I have. The question 'how relevant is the diagnosis criteria' should be asked but what would replace it and why? Also the variance in peoples' diagnosis (as a broad statement) and dependant on which psychiatric professional they see has to be taken into account.

Maybe, at the end of the day, my diagnosis of Bipolar will be as much use to me as a spare groom at a wedding (although a last minute choice might not be a bad thing!!!). Who can tell but all we can work with is what we have...and as I have been unable to heal myself, although often given it a good try, am comfortable enough, at present, to accept the diagnosis and, pending a revolutionary alternate theory that works in practise, to give the meds another go.

The diagnosis I have given myself is 'fekked by trying'.

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