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Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Saying It With Flowers

Confess to being rather meany minded when was re-awoken by postman, at around 7 this morning, as was well asleep and wanted to stay that way.

However, was worth being woken for. Was handed a long box. The contents were a lovely bunch of carnations and some choccies. Game on! That led to my first earnest smile of the day. Hoping it isn't my last either.

I am a person who likes surprises (as long as they are nice) and a person who likes flowers and chocolates too so it was a win/win/win situation for me.

I know depression along with pretty dire situuations aren't suddenly resolved by nice surprises but they sure as hell help.

Not much else to add to that, except to say here that am more than a tad chuffed.

Is too early for I might actually go back to bed for a while as I think I could sleep some more. Oh one thing, friend thinks I need to go to GP, ASAP, to look at additional medication that will help me (theory being I might not need so much lorazepam if it does). Granted care co-ordinator has said she will send me a list of meds and try and get me appointment with psychiatrist - the one I got on with whilst in crisis care - but that could take some time and she might forget. Sounds like an insult but they have been apt to forget things before. Will think on it.

This is over the top but it is the song that came into my head so here goes:


  1. Ooo very nice !! Hope your day gets even better .

    Love Sis xxx

  2. Flowers and chocs huh! Excellent way to rise to the new day . I woke up to an angry hungry cat stomping on my head and clawing at my eyelids ... so much for the noble savage!

    On MH front , Gordon Brown announced today that from this summer patients will be able to rate their GP's and local services online as part of the Patient Choice agenda so great news or it would be if MH service users werent the only patient group excluded from Patient Choice mechanisms available to everyone else.

    Think this calls for another e-petition on the Downing Street site as MH service users should also be offered choices about where they are treated.


    Vid didnt play in my browser - has YouTube gone through with its threat to silence UK music vids unless licencing authority here cuts it some slack?

  3. I know Sis

    Proper spoilt I am.

    Venturing to GP this afternoon but not at all sure that is a good idea now. Ho hum!


    I think you are bang on about patient choice. Like what choices has my father got in regards to his care? Whenever he tries to make a choice he is told there are no additional services.

    So you say what you want and then are told it isn't there? I don't see that as choice but then again we are the thin end of the wedge.

    Is there an e-petition? And has your kitty calmed down now?

    As for youtube...not sure what is going on there.

    Hope your day improves :>) Trying to fend off a migraine here. Might try half a wafer thingy.

  4. Manders,

    The fact that Mental Health Service Users are excluded from Patient Choice mechanisms available to all other patients within the NHS is clearly discriminatory and negatively impacts on patients such as you and your dad ( and me ) in a very real way because our Trusts acting as local monopolies remain under no pressure to meet the standard, quality and range of services offered by other providers , services users would probably opt for if they had a real choice of where they wanted to be treated.

    The e-petition is just an idea as I suspect MH service users are probably going to face futher inequality of treatment as more of these choice and patient feedbacks come online as they only seem to be really targetted at patients who matter, patients with physical ailments.

    SLaM's response to the HC's finding that it offered the worst community services in the country is a case in point, the CEO's of non MH Trusts resign over these type of findings , SLaM simply buried the report on its website, did absolutely nothing to reassure service users that it would address the problem because no-one really cares.

  5. That's an early postman. Glad it was a nice surprise though!
    Take care of yourself hun. x

  6. Bad Puppy Mandy10 March 2009 at 18:50

    Never fear, Lareve

    I now have sleeping tablets so the postman can knock as much as they like...I will be out of it! :>)

  7. Doo Doo Doo Da Daa Daa Daa10 March 2009 at 18:56


    You know that nothing is perfect..fekk aren't those on high reminding us of that fact enough times?

    But maybe something more akin to something useful would be a step in the right direction.

    I think I need to buy a briefcase and pin strip skirt suit with pastel shirt and patent shoes...and have a badge saying something like 'Useless but In the System - At Your Service'. Such things are soooo important these days.

    I do a mean power point presentation and can tell people they have the wrong department in several languages.

    Am I in, yet?