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Friday, 27 March 2009

"He lives in a house. A very big house. In the country"

Lucky bastard!

As to am I because my dwellings are council estate, and until Mr NICEY NICE has rehabilitated me into the workforce (along with the employers and other employees..what's left of them... and not forgetting the NHS which is in the most direst need of all) then my home is in I will have a home to live in. Unlike thousands out there.

Are we to become a nomadic state? Does that sound like neurosis talk? If so, well so be it because I am trying to work out where exactly the people who lose their homes are living or going to live?

Will we see a big rise in the sales of tents? Or sleeping bodies found curled up in the remnants of dumped cars after the joy riders have had their thrill and moved on?

Perhaps the 'wartime Blighty spirit' will kick in and people will take in the 'redundant' homeless.

Perhaps I need to be more grateful than I am (regarding present state of having place to live in). For sure if I wasn't paranoid to hell about stangers (sometimes people I know) staying here, I would see the value in 'putting the homeless up'.

I reckon we all like to live in hope that the present financial nightmare is just a blip and the mega borrowing of our Government will carry us through..until such time as. That is if the pound is worth anything at all come July!!! And then well maybe we can start do so something about the environment!!!

I sense is a very good time to be a tourist..then again likely to be quite wealthy anyway and be thinking they have hit the jackpot coming to Britain to do some retail therapy.

And fekk knows why I really wrote that. Perhaps because I read the latest 'rehabilitation' spin from NICE as a form of insanity.

When it takes over a year to get anything remotely near to the right care support for my Dad, I wouldn't trust these organisations to find an easy access place to store their paper clips!

Having met with my MP today, I think he is of the view that things are a mess. Seems I am not the only service user in Bedfordshire that has gone to him with concerns over systematic failures. He has decided to write to the Strategic Health Authority....Another arm of the system but I suspect local Trust will not be best pleased about that and start a new arse covering exercise.

And that progress that was being made with Dad. Well, the carer's are turning up...sometimes around 9.30 pm, making a sarny and buggering off pronto and the meals on wheels is fine and dandy when it arrives (only they are starting to forget his address..wonder where his meals are actually ending up).

He collapsed yesterday, whilst friend and I were there, and I rang the GP. This being 3 weeks after the CMHT said they were going to organise a GP home visit! The GP saw him today and told him he has 'postural hyper-tension' (dizzyness on elevating his body). He has been advised to hold on to something when he gets up.

Hence, why I felt need to go to MP today...because I want organisations with a 'DUTY OF CARE' to carry that out...something they find beyond their capacity to deliver, on a regular basis.

Whether MP input will make any difference... I don't know but surely only so much arse covering can go on before action is taken. I assume that because it isn't just me (the mad woman with the garden fork against the steam-roller), the MH Trust and SHA can't use the cop out clause "It is an isolated case".

I still think you should trust no one (well the very few known and worthy) and then you won't be disappointed!

P.S. Big thanks given to MH Advocate, without whom I wouldn't have got to meeting today. Was in awful state this morning and they rallied me through.


  1. I am glad you got through it, hopw your MP kicks ass with getting the Strategic Health Authority involved.
    Thanks again for chat last night.
    Lots of love
    Sis xxx

  2. Hi Mandy, I haven't read you for ages,probably because I came through Caroline's site which you cut off.By the way Caroline is entirely blameless and doesn't have a clue who I am....which is just an internet lurker who happened upon you. Rest assured I'm entirely harmless..Ted Bundy probably said that,but you've got to live and be free.Obviously, I could be lying, but I'm not.I'm a fifty three year old woman ,living in Australia and sending out only positive vibes. Get over the disappointment.So boring.

  3. Oozing with gratitude30 March 2009 at 19:39


    Your mail has inspired me. I am suddenly recovered thanks to your positive words...which I am sure are changing lives for everyone who comes into contact with you.

    You really are a star..God bless you..whoever the fekk you are.

  4. Anon,

    You must really feel deprived of attention to pull that bulshit.

  5. Hi Norm

    Perhaps this is a beef about Caroline's site. I don't even know what site they are talking about.

    Obviously, they felt they needed to defend however that was and have made a big effort to disguise themselves.

    They could have, at least, had the bollocks to stand by who they actually are.

    Chicken shit. Is what that is!