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Sunday, 22 March 2009

Empathy for friends

Used 'Empathy' because wasn't sure quite what title was most appropriate and whilst waiting for brain to re-settle, seemed as close as.

Lareve is in acute care. She asked me to put a comment up on her page as a kind of update and have duly done so.

Am not going into any more detail than that because want only to share what Lareve is comfortable to be shared.

I have blogged here because I feel there is a time and a place when people need to be 'safe', as in safer than being at the mercy of their illness and not protected. I am not always sure that acute care is the safest place for people but in the absence of other 'safe' houses it is what is there and I hope that Lareve gets the care and support she needs.

I will be ringing Lareve later, so if anyone wants messages passed on to her, I am happy to do so.


  1. Please will you send her my love Mandy? Tell her I am thinking of her and hope that she is safe. Thanks for letting us know.

    Lola x

  2. Thanks Mandy - please send my love too. David x

  3. Hi Lola and D

    Will be ringing Lareve tonight so will send your love and best wishes on to her.