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Thursday, 26 March 2009

Murder or a case of negligence by MH Services?

Ikechukwu Tennyson-Obih was sentenced (24 March) to life imprisonment for murdering PC Henry in Luton on 11 June 2007.

If you believe what the prosecution said, and the subsequent sentence that was given, then Mr Tennyson-Obih was of sound mind when he killed the policeman.

He had been diagnosed as suffering from scizophrenia in 2005. From what the media are saying that was due to alcohol and cannabis abuse.

What is missing from media reports is whether or not MH services were being provided to Mr Tennyson-Obih, after his diagnosis, and if any monitoring of his condition was taking place.

From a non emotive perspective, I do not know whether he was of sound mind when he committed the crime but think it is likely that he was suffering from his illness, possibly aggrevated by use of illicit drugs and booze.

Marjorie Wallace (Not always the most compassionate person to speak out on behalf of the mentally ill) has been quoted as saying that most mentally ill people do not kill others and based on research carried out by SANE, 1 in 3 killings, committed by people who are mentally ill, were preventable. This, has (hopefully) put some balance back in the media circus but does little to get any real justice for the mentally ill, whilst the public now have another pound of flesh to pacify their neurosis around lunacy.

Afterthought, if Mr Tennyson-Obih is of 'sound mind' (the prosecution's and jury's view....not mine) does that mean he will NOT be treated for scizophrenia whilst he is in prison?