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David Cameron gets to be God!

Tuesday, 10 March 2009

For All You Naughty Little Puppies

Okay, so the 2 key players are well out of it now (having left the doo doo growing for their successors) but the meaning is still same as.

So let that be a lesson to you! PAH!

Just saw some alert on my home page asking if Our PM Non-Elect should apologise for the financial crisis we are in....Hmmm....Perhaps he could start by apologising for existing! That would do it for me.


  1. Love the way the characters dance, great animation and funny too . Tempted to listen to a bit of Human League ...

    As for evil twins, one Blair's close 'friends' recently wondered aloud if the former PM had time to give the Middle East role he has taken on the attention it requires because of all his paid talks , Foundation work and committments to other forms of personal enrichment and aggrandisement....

  2. It is a bit good, innit?

    Fekk Blair. I think he needs some serious Opus De'ing! One of those metal constrictors around his neck would do fine.

    I wonder if he has ever read Dante's Inferno? Perhaps in his own style of Catholicism it doesn't apply to him.

    Personally, is all piffle to me but wouldn't it be good if....ponders ponders

    Was going to make my next post Top Tunes to shag to...but not sure blogland is quite ready for that.

    Shame that cos I am on a high..and can start it off with 'Break for Love' by Raze. Awesome!