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Saturday, 18 July 2009

The Weekend That Wasn't and Tamiflu

I am not supposed to be here! Well, if everything had gone to plan I would be somewhere else.

What I can say is internal hysteria has played a mega part in me not being miles away and wallowing in nature's glory.

Thursday had not been a particularly good day for me, physically or mentally, but I tend to err on the side that most of my physical problems are reactions to mental illness and stress and so I rattle along, sometimes crawl along, with all kinds of physical stuff happening because I don't know any better and neither do the GPs.

The Labrynthitis had seemed to be easing but as the week went on the itching in the ear came back, along with swooshing in the head by Friday it was overwhelming dizziness, throbbing head, sore throat, achey limbs and feeling totally exhausted. I had been trying very hard not to get caught up in the Swine Flu histrionics but got wind of the new estimated death toll which scared the crap out of me. Not helped by a friend who was texting me how bad she was feeling.

Derbyshire friends rang me around lunchtime when the symptoms had not got so severe...and I was not so hysterical...and said they were picking me up around 4pm. By 3pm I was envisaging myself in ICU. I rang them back and said that I felt bad and didn't think I could hack travelling. Their advice was to ring GP straight away. I don't blame them for being overly concerned, I was in a right state.

So I rang the GP's practice and the receptionist said that if I wanted, she could get a GP to ring me back. I did...because I was in a pickle and didn't know what was what.

The GP rang back and after I reeled off my symptoms said "I will give you the benefit of the doubt" and wrote a prescription out for the drug. I am not sure I wanted the benefit of the doubt. I wasn't sure that I had Swine Flu....although I was paranoid about having it and frightened by my symptoms. I don't blame the GP for saying that either. Is hard to know what anyone has in a one minute phone call and, from what I gathered, the surgery had been in-undated with people ringing about Swine Flu.

Was a logistical nightmare getting the tablets but thanks to another friend, I did get them and amazing it is that I have had no (not a single one) bad side effect from taking them.

So do I have Swine Flu? Maybe/maybe not and maybe it is only a mild form but I am sleeping lots and have little spurts of energy then followed by hours of slumping.

I feel guilty that I am quite possibly taking someone else's supply of the medication. Someone who could die without it. In my defence, all I can say is that I was so scared by my symptoms that I didn't know what else to do but ring the GP and apologise unreservedly for not being stable enough to see the wood for the trees for more than an hour at a time. :>(


  1. Don't for one second think you're taking someone else's tablets. They have a massive stockpile of this stuff and it's there to treat the first blast of flu until the vaccine arrives. The GP was a bit cynical, grrr!, hope he's said that to everybody and is not suggesting something else. You could very well have the flu Mandy, why not?

    I know what you mean though about ignoring symptoms as to do with mental non well being.

    I'm very sorry that you missed your weekend away. Stay calm, ignore the stupid scaremongering media and get yourself better! Sending lots and lots of love and warm wishes ...XXXX

  2. Look , for therapy just think about pigs jumping over a bush and biting each one's legs as they do it.

    Catch the film by clicking on me snorting name ....

  3. Hi CC

    The GP I spoke to has a reputation for being abrupt. My friend, who acted as a co-conspirator in this, rang and spoke to him and she said he told her to ring back if she had a temperature of 38. I am acutely aware of how quickly hysteria has built and so am trying to avoid passing anymore of it on.

    Considering most of those close to me suffer Mh isn't easy. I am not saying people with mental illness are automatically hysterical abut things but I do think, and speaking for myself, I am highly sensitive and my ability to logic goes out the window when I am under pressure.

    The Derbyshire friends have said that as soon as I feel better we can re-arrange so is not like that bridge has been burnt.

    As you wrote, I need to stay as calm as and allow my body and mind to rest.

    Thanks for reassurance and support. Big thanks :>)

    Love and hugs


    I have something...for sure. Spent most of yesterday curled up on sofa...whacked out and achey.

  4. Oinker,

    Radical therapy Ha! ha!

    At first I thought the video was made by 'Fathers for Justice'. Just what was that bloke doing with a gun?

  5. Ah, Mandy well glad you got the meds. Have been ill begining of week with sme neurosis myself. And if meds put your mind and body at some ease that is good. You are not stealing anyone else's supply- but the phrase better safe than sorry seems apt.

  6. Oinker is a bit of a Woinker

    I am fed up of all this talk about pigs . We cows can get really snotty about being discriminated against

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    Have some bigger flu than porky sneezes

  7. Hi Lareve

    Hope you are feeling better now.

    For whatever reasons I am sleeping alot and that will do for me :>)


  8. Snotty Cow Club

    Is about time bovine kleenex was invented.

    You poor moolly!!!